The report-to-report navigation feature in SAP Business ByDesign gives users an easy way to navigate from one report to another while preserving the current selection context.

Report-to-report navigation is useful for further analysis of report data and can easily be created from the Design Report Work center.

This post will teach you how to create and edit report-report navigation in SAP ByDesign.

Creating and Editing Report-to-Report Navigation

Step 1

From the Business Analytics work center, navigate to the Design and Assign Reports worklist, select the relevant target report (Invoice Volume) and click New – Report Navigation.

report-to-report navigation

Step 2

You can change the navigation name or keep the default name. Click the View drop down list and select the target report view you need the users to navigate to – in our example Invoice Volume (Account).

Navigation Name - SAP Business ByDesign

Step 3

Click Add Source Report and select the Sales Order Volume from the list. The system will automatically display a warning message with the mandatory target variables you need to transfer. Ignore the message, select the report and click ok.

Source Report - SAP Business ByDesign

Step 4

Check the Target and Source reports for mandatory variables (the fields displayed in the Selection Area of the report).

We’ll have to transfer the mandatory variable under “Display Currency-Conversion date.”

report-to-report navigation

Step 5

Go to the Edit Navigation screen, search for “display currency*” and select the same source report variable from the drop down list. The system will automatically change the transfer type to “Transferred.”

Navigation for Report - SAP Business ByDesign

Step 6

When you open the source report (Sales Order Volume) and click on the Invoiced Amount link, you will want to be able to see all invoices related to the selected customer.

For example, if I click on the invoiced amount for the account “Silverstar Wholesale Corp” and I need to navigate only to the invoices processed for this customer,I need to transfer the characteristic “Account” from the source report to the target report.

Navigation Reports - SAP Business ByDesign

Click save

report-to-report navigation

Step 7

Go to the source report “Sales Order Volume”, check the navigation targets and click on the invoiced amount for the account “Silverstar Wholesale Corp.” The navigation target will show that the “Invoice Volume” is available.

Click on the link Invoice Volume and the Invoice Volume Report will display the customer invoices processed for that account, and they can then be sent to your mobile invoice printer.

SAP Business ByDesign Sales Order Volume Screenshot

Invoice volume - SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign makes it easy for users to navigate from one report to another and drill into details while preserving the current selection process. For more tips and support with your SAP Business ByDesign solution, contact us.