About Us

Who Are We?

FieldVu Express is 1-stop, turnkey solution software designed to help industrial field service companies manage their business from end-to-end. We work with companies in many industries, including

FieldVu is a division of  VistaVu Solutions, a leading business management software provider that has the industry experience, tools, and tailored software solutions to help companies in the field services sector streamline their business operations and accelerate their growth. FieldVu is a tailored enterprise field services software application for field service companies.

FieldVu Express solves the problems businesses experience working in the field and the office by providing real-time information so they can make smart decisions.

  • To be profitable you need to know where your people and assets are at all times.
  • You need to know see the big picture when you’re in the field or at the office: all your data in one place, in real-time.
  • You need to minimize delays and double-entry and get answers quickly.

For over 20 years, VistaVu Solutions has been providing software solutions to help field service companies manage their data and watch their margins. FieldVu Express offers small business the same opportunity to streamline their office operations and accelerate their growth. Our FieldVu Express team understands you need to know your costs so you can stay competitive and profitable.

FieldVu Express
your all-in-one solution for data management

Meet the Team

Jory Lamb, President & CEO: Helping Industrial Field Service Companies Run Great

VistaVu Solutions was founded in 1996 by Jory Lamb who currently holds the role of President & CEO

  • Jory Lamb is chosen as one of Oilweek Magazine’s 2014 Rising Stars
  • Jory Lamb Named EY Entrepreneur of the Year Prairies 2014 Technology and Communications Award Winner

 “We are proud to be the dominant industrial field services software provider
for small to mid-sized enterprise oil and gas product/service companies in North America.
Our goal is to be leading provider in the world.”