The “Non-Billable” function became available with the February 2016 upgrade of SAP Business ByDesign. However, the new function needs to be activated under the Service and Spare Parts tab before it is visible.

With this new functionality, you can now mark items on service orders as “Non-Billable,” in order to exclude them from customer invoices. This can be done under Services and Spare Parts tab of a service order by selecting the indicator “Non-Billable.” This option is available for each item (example: select item 1 and the non-billable field under General, select item 2 and the non-billable field, etc.).

Note: ***The non-billable function must be selected before releasing the service order. ***

Activating the non-billable function

The new non-billable field can be added to the Service and Spare Parts screen using the Adaptation Mode, and the action can be performed by an administrator.

Follow these steps to activate the non-billable field:

  1. Create a new service order
  2. Enter Adaptation Mode
  3. Click View All non-billable function bydesign
  4. Navigate to “Service and Spare Parts” Tab
  5. Click add row
  6. Click “Adapt” and Select “Edit Screen” non-billable function bydesign
  7. Select section “Service/Spare Part” under Screen Layout
  8. Find “Non-Billable” option under Fields and mark as visible
  9. Click Publish

It’s that simple! The new field will now become available on service orders – see below.

SAP Business ByDesign New Service Order Volume Screenshot

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