In SAP Business ByDesign you can easily personalize a work center by creating new queries. Instead of using the default SAP Business ByDesign view, you can create new options in the “Show” field and change the default selection.

Here are 4 simple steps to creating a new query in SAP Business ByDesign:

Step 1

Go to any work center and click ‘Advanced’.


Step 2

Use any search field available in the ‘Advanced’ view to select the information you need; in this example I selected an account ID.

Click ‘Go’.


Step 3

Click ‘Save Query’ and change the name to something relevant for your query.


Click ‘Ok’.

You can also select ‘Use as Default Query’ if you want to set the new query as the default view.



Step 4

Click ‘Basic’ and you will be taken back to the general screen.



That’s it! Your new query is now available in the ’Show’ field.

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