Pilots of the F-35 Lightning II fighter jet command what is arguably the most powerful asset in the history of military aviation.

To maximize the capabilities of the F-35, its pilots are equipped with a helmet that connects to the plane itself. The helmet gathers and integrates visuals and data from many sources, to give the pilot a vivid and precise picture of what’s going on around the plane.

The F-35 helmet gives the pilot access to multiple systems at once, without the need to switch between different helmets for different functions. These capabilities include night vision by connecting to an array of external cameras the ability to essentially see through the structure of the F-35 itself.

At one time, if a pilot needed to see what was happening below the plane, he’d tip 90 degrees and have a look with the naked eye. Now, that same view is always available.

The F-35 helmet gives the pilot a distinct advantage on any mission. With the ability to see everything and know what’s going on, the pilot has the right information to make decisions and take action.

A new world for Aerospace and Defense

Many Aerospace and Defense companies will have the same thought about the F-35 pilot helmet: I’ll take one.

After all, today’s A&D companies are challenged to manage complex, often far-flung supply chains with precision. They need to produce efficiently and innovate constantly; comply with dynamic aviation, defense and cyber-security regulations; and do all this while keeping costs to a minimum.

It’s an environment where large companies are compelling smaller suppliers to produce faster, produce higher quality and produce for less cost. This formula has been used by Boeing in recent years to pressure suppliers to speed-up delivery and reduce costs. Seeing Boeing’s success, other large A&D companies are likely to take a similar approach in the future.

Faced with these competitive challenges, companies can no longer run their supply chains using old methods. Like the F-35 pilot on a mission, they need to know everything that’s occurring at any point in their supply chain, in real time.

How cloud-based ERP software is changing A&D

Today, VistaVu Solutions is helping Aerospace and Defense companies see everything that’s going on across their supply chain, and their entire business, right when they need it.

What makes this possible is a new generation of cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions from SAP. What makes it happen is the experience and expertise of VistaVu – customizing and optimizing solutions like SAP Business ByDesign for the unique needs of A&D companies.

SAP business management software is streamlining and accelerating A&D supply chains, allowing companies to produce more efficiently and for less cost. It’s unifying functions formerly divided by disparate software systems, giving companies a single, integrated platform for production, finance, human resources, regulatory, sales and more.

Fact is, when you can truly see what’s happening – across your supply chain, and in every aspect of your business – you make faster, better decisions. You respond more quickly to external demands and conditions and choose the best course of action with confidence.

In today’s demanding and dynamic A&D industry, the insight and capability available through many a cloud-based ERP Vendor, be they from SAP or otherwise, is nothing less than mission-critical.

To learn more about SAP business management software, and the Aerospace and Defense expertise of VistaVu Solutions, visit https://vistavusolutions.com/aerospace-defense/

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