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FieldVu leverages modern technologies, such as Cloud, Mobile, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to help companies better manage, automate, and track its operations to become a more Intelligent Enterprise. With FieldVu, you can centralize disconnected systems, gain strong visibility and control over your operations, and streamline processes from field ticket to customer invoice – all within a single system.

FieldVu IIoT for Enterprise Asset Management

IoT Sensor Enterprise Asset Management Field Services

Gain Visibility

Leverage IoT to decrease down-time and get transparency into asset usage. 

IoT Asset Management Automation

Automate Processes

Prevent errors and eliminate data re-entry while speeding up processes.


IoT Enterprise Asset Management

Streamline Efficiency

Reduce resources needed for projects. Get detailed data for decision making.

Customer IoT Enterprise Asset Management

Grow Market Share

Deliver improved services to customers and differentiate from competitors. 

Look Inside FieldVu IIoT for Asset Management

Managing a large number of assets doesn’t have to be a costly burden. Learn how predictive maintenance, automated operations, and consumption based billing can help your business scale profitably.

FieldVu Results:


13 Million+ data points managed per day by our IIoT Asset Management component for one customer


$2.5 Billion USD+ in revenue managed by FieldVu users and workflows


10+ Million field tickets accurately inputted and easily processed through FieldVu

20 hours per employee per month saved 

50% growth in business without adding administrative staff

3x faster go-live for an asset rental solution with IIoT capabilities

Why Field Services Management Software?

In today’s Industrial Field Service & Rentals industry, it’s not what you make that counts – it’s what you keep. This challenge is even harder for small to midsize companies that may lack the organizational infrastructure to manage multiple revenue streams, or the inability to execute on very complex projects with their current field staff and assets.

In this report, you’ll learn why these 7 deadly mistakes can:

  • Rob companies of sales and profits
  • Cripple their ROI
  • Reduce economic value of their enterprise

Field Services Software Components

FieldVu has various components that each address specific challenges of industrial field service & rentals companies. These components work together to provide a complete field service management solution. FieldVu has the ability to serve the complex needs of IFS companies with a single robust solution. Learn about the components below:

FieldVu IIoT

FieldVu Mobile

FieldVu for Back-Office

Whether it’s internal equipment or rental assets, enterprise asset management (EAM) does not have to be a costly burden. Advances in technology have made solutions like IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and AI more cost effective to implement. This means SME’s can now embrace digital innovation to improve profitability and remain resilient through disruption.

Connect Assets for Visibility

Gain detailed and insightful data from IoT sensors. Easily manage this data to enable data-driven decisions. Improve customer & vendor relationships with increased transparency.

Automate Asset Management

Our vision for asset management is “Never Type Again”. Speed up processes while reducing errors by automating repetitive work. Use that recaptured time for higher-value tasks.

Streamline Efficiency for Scalability

Improve your business model by reducing resources & overhead required for projects. Drive innovation to differentiate from competitors and deliver a stronger customer experience.

Key Features

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Automated Dispatch, Invoicing, and Accounts Payable
  • Consumption Based Billing
  • View More In Our IIoT One Page Brief

Key Features

  • Field Tickets
  • Work Orders
  • Mobile Forms & Approvals
  • View More In Our solution brief.

Move Data Seamlessly

Field workers have off-line access to documents from ERP for accuracy. Users can quickly input job information which is seamlessly transmitted to the office.

Streamline Field Ticket to Invoice

Streamline processes from the field to the office to drive service revenue while lowering operational costs.

Maximize Resource Utilization

Manage your labor force, asset utilization, and maintenance with greater visibility and control to increase the profitability of jobs.

Office Workers/Managers use Back-Office to process information and manage jobs. Field services software replaces inadequate systems or processes such as job whiteboards, spreadsheets, or small business software that does not have the capacity to scale with your company.

Reduce Mundane Work

Eliminate data re-entry to reduce administrative workload. Manage the business with simple interfaces and prepare documents with single clicks.

Centralize Disconnected Systems

Centralize disparate systems to gain strong visibility and control over multiple revenue sources or business units.

Overcome Poor Billing Practices

Faster & more accurate invoice creation, improved cash flow, and reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

Key Features

  • Job Management & Dispatch Scheduling Software
  • Automated Invoices & Billing
  • Field Service Equipment and Rentals Management
  • View More in Our Back-Office One Page Brief

Field Service Management Software + SAP ERP Package Solution

As an SAP Gold Partner, we provide a package solution that includes FieldVu and industry leading SAP ERP fit for your business.

If you would like to learn more about FieldVu feel free to get in touch with one of our experts! They can provide pricing information, give you a tour of the product, and answer any questions that you have.

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