FieldVu for SAP ERP systems improves field service operations, from scheduling and billing to asset management.


Want to manage an extensive field services workforce and thousands of rentals assets across multiple job sites?

Our best-in-class software and trusted experts make your field services efficient and cost-efficient, simplifying all of your processes from field ticket to invoice.


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Are you experiencing the following?

We can help.

Lack of visibility into location of equipment and personnel

Long Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and   obstructed cash-flow

Disorganized tracking of equipment usage and maintenance

Spending too much time performing repetitive upkeep tasks

One consolidated system tracks field tickets, dispatching, and rentals

One-click invoicing with digital forms helps expedite customer payments

Smart equipment tracking and maintenance alerts improve field safety and asset lifespan

Intelligent process automation opens more time for higher-value work

Affordable, Scalable, and Seamlessly Integrated

FieldVu is pre-built for SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign.

The core FieldVu software is for use in the office. Mobile-enabled software and asset management systems can be added based on your unique requirements. 

FieldVu for Asset Management

Managing internal equipment and rental assets does not have to be a costly burden. Leverage our IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solution to automate work and thrive as a disruptive leader.

Connect Assets for Visibilty

Gain detailed and insightful data from IoT sensors (sensor-agnostic). Easily manage this data to enable data-driven decisions. Improve customer & vendor relationships with increased transparency.

Automate Asset Management

Our vision for asset management is “Never Type Again”. Speed up accounting processes while reducing errors by automating work. Use that recaptured time for higher-value tasks.

Streamline Efficiency for Scalabilty

Improve your business model by reducing resources & overhead required for projects. Drive innovation to differentiate from competitors and deliver a stronger customer experience.

Asset Management

Demo Video: Inside FieldVu IIoT

FieldVu-Screenshot-Field Service-Sensor-Asset-Automation

Key Features

› Predictive Maintenance

› Automated Dispatch

› Automated Invoices & Accounts Payable

› Consumption Based Billing

FieldVu for Back Office

Office workers/managers use Back Office to process information and manage jobs. FieldVu is a modern field services solution that can replace outdated systems, such as job whiteboards and small business tools that lack the ability to scale with your business.

Reduce Mundane Work

Eliminate data re-entry to reduce administrative workload. Office workers can manage the business with simple interfaces and prepare documents in single clicks.

Centralize Disconnected Systems

Acquiring companies or looking to consolidate business units? Centralize disparate systems to gain complete control and clear reporting over multiple revenue sources.

Overcome Poor Billing Practices

Create invoices faster and with increased accuracy to improve your cash flow and reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

Back Office

Demo Video: Inside FieldVu Back Office

FieldVu-Screenshot-Field Service-Sensor-Asset-Automation

Key Features

›  Job Management

›  Dispatch Scheduling

›  Automated Invoices & Billing

›  Equipment and Rentals Management

FieldVu Mobile

Field workers/supervisors use Mobile to input field tickets and job information. Upgrade from paper field tickets or “home-spun systems” that are slow and prone to errors.

Work Anywhere, Even Offline

Field workers have off-line access to documents from ERP for accuracy. Users can quickly input job information which is seamlessly transmitted to the office upon re-syncing.

Streamline From Field Ticket to Invoice

Drive service revenue with improved processes that lead to stronger customer experiences. Lower your operational costs by reducing repetitive administrative work.

Maximize Resource Utilization

Manage your labor force, asset utilization, and maintenance with greater visibility and control to increase the profitability of jobs.


Demo Video: Inside FieldVu Mobile


Key Features

› Field Tickets

› Work Orders

› Offline Access

› Mobile Forms & Approvals

SEF Energy | Growing Market Share with Innovation

With over 200 employees, SEF Energy is a private holding company with business units focused on manufacturing & renting oilfield equipment. SEF Energy captured market share to become #1 in their space. They accomplished this without increasing staff by leveraging the automation and increased efficiencies made possible by VistaVu’s customized industry add-ons.

Does your relationship with your vendor matter?

Some vendors offer you software: VistaVu offers you solutions. Our customer relationships have earned us industry leading NPS scores for customer satisfaction. Helping customers to succeed is our passion.

Choosing the right partner helps you to maintain and improve your field services solution well beyond implementation. VistaVu delivers genuine strategic value to all our customers, supporting them as their businesses grow into the future.


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Managing a complex field services business with large volumes of workers and thousands of assets needs the right technology at the right time. Our industry specific expertise, product extensions, and award-winning services help our customers become market leaders. Let’s get together and talk about how your business can thrive with FieldVu.