High Tech

Technological advancements have put high tech manufacturing companies under the spotlight for leading disruptive change in the world. Commercial and personal technology products that shape modern computing includes computer elements like electronics, fiber optics, circuit boards, capacitors, electron tubes, robotics, telecommunications, software and more. It is critical for rapidly growing companies to address their scalability challenges to ensure that they can remain profitable and continue to grow.

Common Challenges

Disparate Systems

When organizations run different systems — for manufacturing, procurement, finance, compliance and people — it’s inefficient, error-prone and costly. Figures from different systems rarely match, so management lacks a definitive version of the truth with which to make decisions. 

Lack of Repeatable Processes

High-tech companies are faced with rapid growth and require integrated software systems and business processes in place to aid them as they grow. Processes that range from Quote to Cash, to production planning and execution process must be in place to grow profitably.

Cyber Security

The high-tech industry is faced with increased cyber-attacks including ransomware, system hacks accessing intellectual property and more. As technology companies advance their own products, it’s critical that they also ramp up their internal security measures.

VistaVu Solutions helps High Tech companies operate efficiently, comply precisely and grow profitably. Our all-in-one, fully integrated software solution, combined with our industry expertise, will allow your organization to manage the challenges and capture the opportunities of today and tomorrow.




  • Integrated all-in-one solution
  • Business process improvements
  • Reduced costs
  • Managed IT infrastructure
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