In this article, we will detail how to create semantics for your key figures and apply them to your SAP Business ByDesign reports.  What is semantics you ask?  Semantic tags allow you to assign a default color/pattern to a specific key figure, which can then be applied across all of your reports within the ByDesign system.  This can be a big help for users to quickly focus in on the most important key figures for your organization across multiple reports and department.  For example, you may look at the key figure Invoice Order Value in different reports such as Sales Order Volume and Invoice Volume, which cross over the sales and finance departments.  This also can create a consistency of key figure within one report.  In ByDesign, SAP has a default set of colors for charted key figures which are assigned based on the display priority.

In this article we will be looking at the example Invoice Value in the Invoice Volume Report.

In this first ByDesign report view, Invoiced amount is the first and only key figure displayed in the chart and it is blue.


SAP Business ByDesign Sales Order Volume Report


In the next example, Net Value has been added as a key figure and placed above Invoiced Amount.  Now Invoiced amount is now displayed in green.


sap business by design semantics

How To:

Define the Semantic Format

In this step we are defining the color and pattern which will be used to apply to the key figure of the ByDesign report in a future step.

  1. Navigate to Business Analytics à Semantics
  2. Click ‘New’.
  3. Enter a Name for your Semantic.
  4. Choose a color. A default color palette will pop up, but a full color range can be chosen by clicking on ‘More Colors’.


sap business by design semantics colors


  1. Optional: Choose a pattern for the semantic if you want to display something other than a solid bar.


sap business bydesign edit semantics

  1. Click OK

Apply Semantic to Key Figures for Charts

In this step we will apply the semantic to key figures in both chart and table type ByDesign reports

  1. Navigate to Business Analytics>Design Reports
  2. Select the report which you will apply semantics
  3. Click Semantics>Assign


sap business bydesign Design Reports


  1. Scroll to the key figure which will have the new semantic coloring.
  2. In the semantic column, enter your previously created semantic. The color pattern should immediately appear in the Preview column.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Repeat steps 1-6 for any other report you wish to apply the same format.


sap business bydesign assign semantics


Example of Sales Order Volume report with Invoiced Amount in new color scheme.


sap business bydesign Sales order report


Example of Invoice Volume report with Invoiced Amount in new color scheme.


SAP Business ByDesign Sales Order Volume Report

Apply Semantics to Tabular ByDesign Reports

It is also possible to impact the tabular view of reports by applying semantic coloring to column headers

  1. Navigate to Business Analytics>Design Reports
  2. Select the report which has semantic key figures enabled.
  3. Click Edit With>Web Browser
  4. Click on the View icon.
  5. Click on the Chart/Table Settings icon.
  6. Click on the Table Tab
  7. Toggle ‘Use Semantics’ to On
  8. Click Apply
  9. Click Save As to create a new view or Save to update an existing view
  10. Repeat steps 1-9 for any other view where semantics should be applied for Tabular Reports


sap bydesign samantics


Sap Business bydesign semantics


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Written by VistaVu Staff