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Use field service management software to command your company’s assets

An email arrives. Minutes later, the phone rings.

Your sales department has just contracted your energy services company to deliver 10 units of a certain type of equipment, two weeks from now, to a job site hundreds of miles away.

At that point, it’s game on. To meet the deadline, you and your staff need to assemble this equipment within a few days. There’s just one problem: you don’t know where all your equipment is and there’s no easy way to find out for sure. Even if you can see six units out in the yard, they could be spoken for, or due for maintenance. You have dozens of units out in the field, but when they’re next available is hard to say.

I’ve worked with energy services companies for years, and here’s something I’ve noticed. When people don’t have good data, they build their own, simply from a motive of day-to-day operational survival. It happens. Operations people might have an Excel file that tracks equipment status. Accounting runs a different Excel file that says something else. The sales team uses their own system to keep tabs on the equipment they’re selling.

When this happens, there are many different versions of your equipment status, but no single version of the data that’s reliable and accessible to everyone who needs it. Fulfilling even a straightforward equipment order is way harder than it should be.

Want to look good at work? Sort this out. Here’s how VistaVu customers do it.

They use FieldVu, the field service management software solution developed by VistaVu for energy services companies. FieldVu tracks all the assets you want to track – from giant drilling rigs, right down to small items like impact hammers and torque wrenches if needed. You know where all your equipment is, when it’s available for a new project and when it’s going for maintenance.

There’s one version of the data and everyone who needs it, sees it. Sales can only sell what’s available. Operations people can move equipment from here to there, far easier than before. Accounting sees the same data as everyone else.

What happens when the phone rings, or an urgent email hits your mailbox? If it’s chaos, rest assured: there’s a better way. Manage your equipment – and your entire business — with FieldVu. Your customers and staff will be happier, your equipment will last longer and your company will make more money. One other thing: you’ll look absolutely brilliant at work.