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Use field service management software to fix a project before it’s too late

The boss was in a great mood when your energy services company landed that big new project a couple of months ago.

The project went smoothly from start to finish, resulting in a happy customer and – presumably – a profitable outcome. Or so you thought.

Before long, the project reports and third-party invoices started arriving. Turns out labor hours were higher than expected, and lots of those were overtime. Not only that, your field supervisor rented some equipment, even though you already had the same equipment available.

Suddenly, a promising project has turned into an operating loss – and someone needs to tell the boss.

Want to look good at work? Make the operating loss go away and make this project profitable.

Unfortunately, you can’t go back in time and change what went wrong. What you can do is make sure that if a project is going off track, you know it in time to fix it.

VistaVu customers do this by using FieldVu, the field service management software solution we developed specifically for energy services companies.

FieldVu lets you track every aspect of a project, in real time, as it occurs. From labor hours to equipment usage and much more, if something’s happening that shouldn’t be, you’ll see it on FieldVu’s user-friendly, visual dashboards.

Replacing paper field tickets with electronic ticketing is one of many ways that FieldVu makes projects more manageable. You’ll know each day how many hours went on the project, and what those hours cost.

Of course, every company manages projects in its own way. With FieldVu, you set the Key Performance Indicators that matter to you. Let’s say that Margin by Job is the KPI you focus on the most. You can watch your Margin by Job like a hawk. If it starts heading south, you can take steps to remedy the situation (and, yes, tell the boss how you saved the day).

Nothing’s worse that watching what looked like a profitable project start to gush red ink. With FieldVu, there are no surprises. By seeing your information in a new way – accurate, complete and in real time – you can manage your projects more efficiently and profitably.

Now, that walk to the corner office to update the boss is a lot more pleasant. Not only that – you’ll look amazingly good at work. FieldVu makes it happen.