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Use field service management software to master your operational history

In many smaller energy services companies, there’s that one person who seems to know everything.

They’ve been around the company so long, they’re an important resource when you need to build a quote that’s based on a similar project done in the past.

Want to know about the Wyoming project from 2007? They know. The Alberta job in 2010? Just ask.

How is it that one person holds so much of a company’s vital information? This occurs when operational data isn’t captured electronically and maintained so that it can be accessed. Thus, it falls to a long-tenured employee to carry all that around in their head, or maybe in paper files or Excel spreadsheets only they know about.

It’s great if you’re that guy, no question. As a walking library of the company’s operational history, you’re pretty much irreplaceable.

If you’re the company’s owners, it’s not so great. What if that one person decides to leave or retires? All that knowledge is lost. Without rigor in how data is gathered and managed, the business also can’t scale-up effectively. Later, when the owners start thinking about selling, the company’s operational amnesia and lack of data could cost them a lot of money.

Want to look good at work? Make everybody as knowledgeable as that one person. Here’s how VistaVu’s customers do it.

They run their business with FieldVu, the field service management software solution we developed specifically for energy services companies.

While a project is taking place, FieldVu allows you to see what’s going on in areas like labor, equipment, maintenance and certifications. Once a project is complete, FieldVu holds that information so you can easily access it and quickly use it for future projects.

With FieldVu, instead of being dependent on that one person, everybody who needs information can get it, subject to access parameters set by the company.

In fact, one VistaVu customer running FieldVu recently told me that their clients call them all the time, asking for past project information that they don’t have. Sometimes, companies that run FieldVu have better data on their customers’ projects than the customers have themselves.

Now, with your organization’s operational history at your fingertips, you can build quotes far more quickly and precisely than before. You can more easily capture lessons from projects that went well and, perhaps, not so well. You can scale the business in new locations and with new products or services.

When you empower people with the information they need to do their jobs, the business runs better and more profitably than before. Not only that, you look tremendously good at work. FieldVu makes it happen.