Industrial Field Service


Industrial Field Service

Industrial Field Service companies face the tightest deadlines, brave the toughest conditions and put it all out there to keep the energy moving. For a servicing company in the hyper-competitive North American field services industry, efficiency matters. You need to be able to get a crew where it needs to go, get the job done and bring them home again. Fast.

Common Challenges

Disparate Systems

Using multiple software systems to run the business, requiring multiple entry of the same information. No central repository and no single point of data entry.

Poor Billing Practices

Slow and inaccurate invoicing – not getting the bills out the door soon enough, leads to high Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

Asset Underutilization

Not having visibility into the status and location of assets and equipment leads to low utilization and profitability on assets and reduces the ability to remain competitive and agile in the market.

VistaVu Solutions helps Industrial Field Service companies operate efficiently, comply precisely and grow profitably. Our all-in-one, fully integrated software solution, combined with our industry expertise, will allow your organization to manage the challenges and capture the opportunities of today and tomorrow.




  • Electronic Billing
  • Labor and Certification Tracking
  • Field Ticketing
  • Inventory Management
  • Project Budgeting
  • Scheduling and Dispatch Out
  • Unit Costing
  • Rentals

Our systems can’t talk to each other

It’s tough to run at full speed when systems don’t integrate. Duplication of effort, rekeying errors and reports that don’t match will create problems in any business, but when you are a fast paced industrial field service company, the issues are compounded. This doesn’t have to be your reality. There are options. Learn more.

Click to read the Hines Industrial Site Services Group success story.

Choose a field service management software that produces results


Reduced DSO (days sales outstanding) by

The productivity of its purchasing group increased by


Reduced its time to close the books by


Increased rig days worked by

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