Industrial Machinery and Components

Industrial Machinery and Components

The Industrial Machinery and Components (IMC) industry is rapidly changing due to advancements in technology and the increased competitive landscape. Manufacturers are looking for new ways to improve their processes and ways to deliver increased value to their customers..

Common Challenges

Disparate Systems

Organizations are often using multiple systems for manufacturing, procurement, finance, compliance and people. This creates complexity, inefficiencies, duplicate entry and becomes error prone and costly. Data from multiple systems rarely matches or is difficult to access which makes it difficult for management to make timely decisions.

Lack of Repeatable Processes

IMC companies are faced with a competitive environment that forces them to improve business processes. These processes include make to order, engineer to order and more. These must be in place to handle customer demand and continue to compete profitably.

Competitive Pressures

IMC manufacturers are faced with increasing international competition that is threating local suppliers and OEM’s. These pressures are forcing companies to reinvent themselves to create more value or to reduce costs to remain competitive. A mix of both will be key to success. How you manage business processes and track and act on the data is critical to success.

VistaVu Solutions helps Industrial Machinery and Component companies operate efficiently, comply precisely and grow profitably. Our all-in-one, fully integrated software solution, combined with our industry expertise, will allow your organization to manage the challenges and capture the opportunities of today and tomorrow.

Industrial Machinery and Components
Industrial Machinery and Components




  • Integrated all-in-one solution
  • Business process improvements
  • Optimize assets
  • Reduce costs
  • Cyber security
  • Business analytics
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SAP Qualified Partner Package Solution for the Industrial Machinery & Components Industry

  • Move to the cloud to decrease IT costs
  • Manage supply chain pressures
  • Business process improvements/SAP best practices
  • Increased Cyber Security with SAP data centers
  • Speed to innovation
  • Experienced partner that works with subsidiaries of Large Enterprise