Being able to adapt your ERP to maximize your ability to analyze data is a crucial part of running your business. What’s even more important is the ability to make these changes internally without having to pick up the phone to call your local consultant!

In an ever-changing world, we are faced with problems we have never seen and often these changes affect the ways in which we run our businesses. There are an infinite number of examples where an intelligent decision could potentially save a business millions in spending – if the data required to make that decision was available.

SAP Business ByDesign puts this functionality directly into the hands of the key users of every business on the platform, so they can be sure they won’t miss a single opportunity.

How can I customize SAP ByDesign to fit my business?

Adaption Mode in SAP ByDesign is the starting point for key users to create extension fields within the system on a number of different business objects. A business object can be the master record of materials, customers, or even a transactional document such as Sales Orders, Invoices, or Delivery Notes.

In addition to creating new fields, Adaption Mode gives users the ability to show information on screens or remove it from views that certain users see. This is a powerful tool for companies who need to control data within their system.

Creating fields is great, but how can I back fill the data to all of the existing records?

In many business objects, fields that are created using Adaption Mode can be added to the “Mass Change” feature in ByDesign. This feature allows a key user to filter data on many different parameters and update the new field with data on a mass level.

Can I view this new data on other screens or reports in the system?

We can extend these fields to data sources related to the object we create them in using “further usage” within Adaption Mode. Once we extend these fields to the data sources, they are available within all of the reports linked to those data sources. This also means we can join multiple data sources together to use the data in further reporting.

As for screens, Adaption Mode allows you to add your new fields to related worklist views within the interface.

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All of the features above are available using the SAP ByDesign user interface. Key Users can use these functions without touching the “backend” of SAP ByDesign what-so-ever. These features allow a company to keep up with the growing need for business intelligence and the ability to adapt on the fly.

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