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The Right Data at the Right Time – When You Need It Most
CALGARY, Alberta, Canada (April 24, 2015) It’s now easier than ever for energy service companies to command complex data instantly, access it anywhere and use it to make better decisions. That’s the impact of FieldVu Analytics, developed specifically for energy services firms. FieldVu Analytics by VistaVu Solutions, a leading provider of transformative business management solutions for the energy services industry, allows you to create and view reports and dashboards on the data that is most important to you – your Key Performance Indicators — at any time and anywhere there’s a web connection — so you can make better decisions more efficiently.

“Our commitment to our customers has always been to help them see the whole picture,” says VistaVu President Jory Lamb. “With FieldVu Analytics, our customers can do this better than ever before. Essentially, it doesn’t matter how much information you have or what system it’s in. What matters is your ability to get to the information you need at exactly the right time you need it. FieldVu Analytics helps our customers do exactly that.”

How does FieldVu Analytics work? We’ve done all the complex mapping for you, to get the data from your ERP and Operational systems into our Data Warehouse. This information is then organized into functional subsets (People, Jobs, Assets and Finance, for example). The pre-configured Dashboards that ship with the product quickly provide information for key questions like: What is my profit and loss on this particular project? What is my profitability overall? Where is my equipment needed next? Which pieces are coming up for maintenance? Which employees are due for certification? Have more KPI’s than that? No problem. Web intelligence tools in the BI platform allow you to create charts and graphs by simply dragging and dropping onto your screen.

“We are pleased to bring this innovation to the industry,” says Lamb. “Based on our extensive development work with energy service companies, we are confident they will embrace FieldVu Analytics, like several of our key customers have already.”