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Would you like to learn more about new features and improvements? SAP Business ByDesign has just released another upgrade – 1702. In this blog, we’ll go over some of the new functions, offering step-by-step instructions on how to locate and activate them.

What’s New in Cross-Area

  • HTML5 User Interface for Productive TenantsYou can access SAP Business ByDesign in HTML5 UI on the productive tenants. HTML5 client is available to run features and functions necessary for CRM, Financials, SRM, HCM, SCM, Projects, and Self Service business scenarios.The launch URL for starting HTML5 version:
  • User License Information You can access this information under Application and User Management work center:1. Click Business Users
    2. Select a business user, click Edit and select Attributes or Access Rights.**When you click access rights, you can also see the Next License Type**


Access Rights:

What’s new in Financial Management

  • Payment Monitor View – Output history for Remittance Advice (Outgoing Bank Transfer)We can view the output history with a timestamp for each Remittance Advice.1. Select the Outgoing Bank Transfer
    2. Click Actions – Create Remittance Advice – the document will become available in the “Output History” tab.
  • New Bank to Bank Transfer View. Select reconciliation accounts in a Bank to Bank Transfer
    1. Go to Business Configuration and enable companies for intercompany bank to bank transfer. Click enable companies, add row, save and activate.
    2. Define Posting Rules in “Direct Posting to Partner Companies”
    3. The posting rule becomes available when you create a new intercompany Bank to Bank Transfer
      • Go to Liquidity Management work center and click New Bank-to Bank Transfer
      • Once you select the Receiving Company, the field “Posting Rule” becomes available and you need to select one of the options

  • Attachments
    You can include attachments when creating:

    1. New Bank Statements
    2. Intercompany Journal Entry Vouchers
    3. New Charge/Credit for customers or suppliers – go to Payables/Receivables work center and select the supplier accounts/customer accounts
    4. Select the customer/supplier, click view
    5. Click New Charge/Credit

  • Liquidity management – Check File Printing
    You can generate xml outputs for outgoing checks and save them for later. To do so, the option to use checks as a mode of payment should be configured in your solution.
  • Fixed Assets – Project Task Assignment for New Fixed Assets
    You can assign fixed assets created by goods and service receipt or supplier invoice to project tasks.

    1. Go to Business Configuration work center and select Account Assignment Types.
    2. Click Maintain Account Assignment Types
    3. Add Project Task as additional Account Assignment against the primary account assignment as IMAT.

What’s New in Customer Relationship Management

  • Activities View. Replying to e-mail activities. You can reply to email activities in status “completed”
    • Go to Account Management and click Activities
    • Select activity type e-mail (status completed)
    • Click edit – options Reply, Reply All and Forward are now available
  • Managing Appointments from Calendar. You can manage your appointments from the calendar and edit/create follow-up documents and activities.
    • Go to Account Management and click Activities
    • Click Show Calendar
    • Options edit appointment details and follow-up are available
  • Withholding Tax Base Amount Entries ViewCreating manual entry of withholding tax base amount. You can enter details like Posting Date and Supplier to create a manual tax entry. Also you need to enter the General Ledger Account for every debit or credit transaction item.
    • Go to Tax Management, Manual Tax Entries and click Withholding Tax Base Amount Entries
    • You can now enter Posting Date, Supplier and G/L Account

The following functions have changed

Migration template for phone call activities was enhanced to improve the usability.

Data Source Enhancements

  • Customer Contract Header (CRMCCOHB) has been enhanced with the following characteristics:
    • Contract Start Date
    • Contract End Date
    • Renewal Rule
    • Cancellation Rule
  • Customer Contract Item (CRMCCOIB) has been enhanced with the following characteristics:
    • Contract Item Start
    • Contract Item End
    • Fulfillment Status
    • Invoice Status

What’s New in Project Management

Project Plan Enhancements

  • Actual Work – you can view the actual work in the period plan table
  • Edited Item for manual change – You can view with the new edited item icon that the remaining work for work packages in project planning has been changed manually. You can also click on the edited item icon to cancel all manual changes, so that the system goes back to the calculation rule planned work minus actual work.

  • Outstanding Delivery Quantity. For both work and materials, you can now view the outstanding delivery quantity in the project plan table.

  • What’s changed
    • Internal planned period in period plan – Internal planned period is now called unassigned planned period. Planned, actual and remaining work for a work package that do not fall within a planned time period of the period plan are now under the unassigned period.
    • If there is a change in planned work of the work package, the remaining work is adjusted accordingly as long as the remaining work has not been changed manually. In case of a period plan the planned work change is adjusted by the system under unassigned planned work, and unassigned remaining work is changed accordingly.

What’s new in Supplier Relationship Management

  • Purchase Order Item Completion Runs View. In order to activate this new feature under “Purchase Requests and Orders” work center, you need to add this option to your access rights. Purchase Order Item Completion Runs view enables you to create and schedule mass data runs for the completion of several open purchase orders to finish delivery and invoicing.

  • Workflow rules for goods and services
    You can create a customized task for workflow rules for goods and services receipt in Workflow Rules view under Application and User Management work center.Any creation or modification of goods and service receipt, will send notification to your Inbox in the Home work center.

  • Data Source for procurement price specification details
    The data source Procurement Price Specification Details (SRMPRC_B01) shows the basic data of the list price for product, supplier combination along with the amount and base quantity.

    1. Go to Business Configuration work center
    2. Under Activities select Purchase Order Output Control Settings, Purchase Order Send Email Control SettingsPurchase order send email control settings
      You can configure the e-mail ID settings for different party types in Purchase Order Send Email Control Settings, if the purchase order communication to supplier is via e-mail.

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