Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is undergoing fast-paced change in a highly competitive and regulated environment. With the increasing popularity of Toll Manufacturing taking the industry by storm, it is crucial that businesses get on board with these monumental changes. Consequently, adaptation is proving key to survival. As pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) mobilize to produce new drugs, improve and accelerate manufacturing processes with the support of state-of-the-art equipment and upgraded infrastructure from, and manage their growth across national and international organizations – the complexities of their businesses are growing throughout their entire supply chain. The responsibility of managing the quality of their products and any capsules supplies, 2019 is foremost, along with the challenge to remain compliant on multiple regulatory levels – all while growing a successful financial and operational corporation.

Common Challenges

Disparate Systems

When organizations run different systems — for manufacturing, procurement, finance, compliance and people — it’s inefficient, error-prone and costly. Figures from different systems rarely match, so management lacks a definitive version of the truth with which to make decisions

Supply Chain Pressures

Companies need to maximize efficiency among networks of often far-flung suppliers, while reducing costs and improving responsiveness. When governments cut project budgets, only the most efficient supply chains can do so while maintaining profitability.

Cyber Security Regulations

Companies are seeing higher demands for compliance and auditability under DFATRS and ITAR and may face criminal or other penalties if they fall short. The stakes are immense. n companies meet the fast-paced challenges of today and tomorrow’s world.

ERP Software Solutions for Pharma


  • Ensure delivery of high quality results (product/processes) on time and on budget
  • Scale operations for growth to produce new products, increase sales and meet demand
  • Trace-ability: maintain compliance with strict government and regulatory requirements
  • Effectively manage forecasting, planning, processes and inventory
  • Maintain operational visibility and track key performance data
  • Reduce operational costs
VistaVu took a proven SAP cloud-based solution, adopted by over 94,000 users worldwide, and developed an add-on package that enables FDA CFR 21 Part 11 and EU Annex 11 compliance. With digital traceability through electronic signatures and process controls, compliance is met at significantly lower costs and with a satisfying reduction in headaches. Combine the powerful benefits of the cloud application with the IT cost savings and your company has gained an incredible tool to connect your entire operation with best-in-class processes, embedded analytics and 24/7 support. Schedule a consultation for more information – we’re nice people.
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Learn how VistaVu and SAP Business ByDesign for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Enables Companies to Meet Compliance and QA Requirements for FDA 21 CRF part 11 and EU Annex 11

Top 6 Challenges of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry and Their Solutions

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We’ve taken a world-class, proven ERP cloud solution and added on a pharmaceutical manufacturing package. The results are a cost-efficient system that deploys In a shorter time frame and enables your company to:
  • Ensure delivery of high quality results (products and processes)
  • Easily expand into new markets
  • Manage customer demand with robust forecasting. planning, processes & inventory management
  • Deliver a real time, integrated customer view of your business enabling the right decisions – faster
  • Meet necessary regulatory compliance with trackable & traceable, digitally-managed documents
  • Avoid additional IT costs and reduce operational Costs
  • And more…

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Introduction to SAP Business ByDesign For Manufacturing

Your business has unique challenges and opportunities. We’re here to help sort those out and find the best solution. Contact our Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Account Executive by clicking on the contact button above to send an email or call him for a quick 10-15 minute chat.

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