Many small to mid-sized organization spend hours manually printing checks on a weekly basis. With SAP Business ByDesign, you can eliminate the process and print supplier’s checks via Payment Runs.

Payment Runs will allow users to create check runs and set them on a weekly schedule for SAP ByDesign to process.

To efficiently print checks, first, download Collaboration Window. Collaboration Window is available in your ByDesign tenant under the Home Work Center > Self-Service Overview > My Computer > Install Additional Software > SAP Collaboration Window

Once you have this installed, follow the steps below to set up your check payment run.

Create Supplier Payment Run

  1. Access Payables work center and select Payment Runs from common tasks.
    print checks in ByDesign
  2. Select New > Payment and fill in the data fields.
    New Payment Run - SAP Business ByDesign
    *Note: If you want to run payment for all suppliers, leave the Suppliers from/to ID blank.
  3. Once the information is filled in, select “Set to Active
  4. Select Schedule.
    You can either select Run Immediately or set it on a schedule to run daily or weekly.  For our testing purposes, we’ll select Run Immediately. Schedule Job - SAP Business ByDesign
  5. Click Save and Close.
  6. You can review the job that ran in the Execution Details section of the Payment Run worklist.
    Execution Details - SAP Business ByDesign

Review the Payment Run

  1. Access Payables work center and select Automatic Payment.
    Payables - SAP Business ByDesign
  2. Here you will be able to see all the Suppliers payments that were generated from the Payment Run. All suppliers should be in the In Preparation print checks in ByDesign
  3. If there is no Payment Method, then the supplier does not have the payment form defined.

Process the Check Run

  1. Select the payments you want to process. You can select multiple payments by holding down the Shift
    automatic payments SAP Business ByDesign
  2. Now select Execute Payment
    *NOTE: Status will change from “In Preparation” to “Completed”. The checks have now been ordered and are ready for printing.

Print the Checks

  1. Access Payment Management work center and select Payment Media Run from Periodic Tasks.
    print checks in ByDesign
  2. Select New Payment Media Run.
    1. Enter Run ID
    2. Select “Including Outgoing Checks” in the Payment Medium Types section.
      1. You can include Payment Advice if your organization requires.
    3. Select the Company ID, Format, and Payment Method Details.
    4. Leave the Supplier field blank if you want the run to pick all executed checks.
    5. Enter Bank Account ID, Bank ID and Currency.
  3. Select “Set to Active” to activate the run.
  4. Select Schedule

    You can either select Run Immediately or set it on a schedule to run daily, weekly.  For our testing, we’ll select Run Immediately.
    payment media runs - SAP Business ByDesign
    ** It is important to have your collaboration window open and connected to your system when you plan on running the Payment Media Run.  When the payment media run happens, the collaboration window will pull the print task out of the manual print task and populate your collaboration window automatically.  Having the printer loaded with Checks is important as well.
    print checks in ByDesign

For more information on how you can get started with SAP Business ByDesign, visit our ByDesign Page, or our contact us page to get in touch with our ByDesign experts.