Resolv Extends SAP Business One to Streamline Distribution Operations

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Accelerate Wholesale Distribution Growth With an All-In-One SAP Business One Extension


All-In-One Extension

Extend ERP with the industry-specific functionality you need to scale with less constraints.


Rapid Implementation

Resolv can be implemented within SAP B1 in days with minimal disruption.

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End-To-End Efficiency

Drive efficiency across distribution, logistics, and warehouse management.


Industry Experts

Our team brings 25+ years of industry expertise to solve your growth challenges as a partner.

Your One-Stop Partner For Wholesale Distribution Technology

In 2021, VistaVu acquired Resolv to provide an industry-specialized team and software to our Wholesale Distribution customers. The Resolv team brings 25+ years of industry expertise to help you achieve a fully optimized supply chain. The Resolv extension was built to address the gaps in ERP that led to growth bottlenecks for our customers. Fully integrated features enable you to gain complete visibility and automate work across distribution, logistics, and warehouse management. Scale confidently with our unique customer success programs that have led to numerous awards and a successful track record of 250+ customers.

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2 Days

To get all Resolv modules live with zero disruption to operations.

< 0.1%

Better inventory control led to less than 0.1% order errors and stronger Customer Experiences.


Within a month, Reliance Communications was distributing millions of units efficiently. With a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use system they were able to focus on scaling profitably.

250+ Companies Have Grown With VistaVu

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Affordable and Scalable Modular Features

Resolv’s features are grouped into “Modules”. You only pay for the modules that you choose to activate. Resolv has Desktop & Mobile components that can be deployed On-Premise or on the Cloud. Modules are regularly updated, such as currently supporting both HANA & SQL data bases. Modules are fully integrated with SAP Business One to provide a comprehensive solution.


Resolv extends the logistics functionality of SAP B1 to further automate processes and provide better visibility. With our fully integrated modules you reduce data re-entry and get real-time insights of operations displayed in a single place.

Automate Inbound & Outbound Processes

Resolv further automates logistics processes through webservice integrations with LTL and FTL shipping carriers, 3PL providers, GPS Routing Platforms and Container Tracking services.

Clear Visibility Into Transactions

Get clear visibility into inbound & outbound transcations. Information is fed directly into your ERP, such as shipping statuses from logistics partners. Answers to order status are immediate & accurate.


Logistics Modules

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Resolv embeds comprehensive distribution functionality into SAP Business One. Leverage the additional features to to maximize profits and differentiate as a Distribution leader.

Increase Profits From Order-To-Cash

Streamline order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, and warehousing processes. Leverage inventory & planning principles from industry experts or adjust your own formulas to maximize profits.

Become A Distribution Leader

A Distribution Leader goes beyond being a provider of goods. Resolv’s added functionality enables you to add strong value as a crucial link in the supply chain. Differentiate to create an outstanding relationship with suppliers and customers.


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Distribution Modules

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Resolv adds robust yet easy-to-use Warehouse Management capabilities to SAP B1. Core WMS and advanced features work together to increase the accuracy & speed of your warehouse processes.

Optimize Freight, Shipping, and Operations

Keep track of everything, everywhere. Real-time insights transform your facility into a collaborative environment for continuous improvement. Optimize processes to increase customer service levels and fill rates.

Reduce Operational Costs

Drive efficiencies through the full operational life-cycle of receiving, put-away, picking, packing, and shipping. Reduce operational costs while meeting standards for quality control.


Warehouse Management Modules

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Resolv transforms Business One to enhance productivity across the entire business. Reduce administrative work to scale with less overhead. Delight stakeholders with a modern system that promotes cross-communication without added workload.

Go Paperless and Improve Cash Flow

Automate accounting processes to get paid faster and improve cash flow. Reduce administrative work and data errors with paperless document exchange using EDI.

Empower Employee Productivity

Make better decisions by accessing drilled-down data with a few clicks. Actionable data is available at your fingertips without complex reports or queries. Deliver automated information updates to employees, customers, and partners.


Business Productivity Modules

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