GRPO and Over Receiving in SAP Business One

As stated previously the ability to “over receive” is native functionality. This is to allow you to always receive the total amount of stock shipped and not have items that are “on the side” inventory. There are a couple of options to get around the ability for your staff to NOT over- receive.

Option A: Apply process to make sure that no more then the PO amount is received. Option B: Apply stored procedure to block over receiving. We have done this for customers in the past and typically takes 2-4 hours.

Our recommendation would be to use the standard functionality first and see if that resolves the problem from a process perspective, and if not then we have the option to setup the approval so that the GRPO quantity cannot exceed the open quantity.

Option A:

Standard PO layout does not have open quantity. Only the ordered quantity:

GRPO in sap business bydesign

Going to form settings in the view menu will allow you to add a column for open quantity:

grpo in sap business one

Checking the open quantity and putting it in the order of where you would like it seen on the PO ie: after quantity before unit price:

GRPO in sap business one

You can continue reading on in the PDf document available. To see the entire document click here: B1 GRPO and Over Receiving.

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