FieldVu Cloud and Mobile FV 1906

This general release to FieldVu Cloud and FieldVu Mobile includes enhancements, customer suggested features and corrections developed since the last general release of April 22, 2019.


FieldVu Cloud

Usability Enhancements

Performance Improvement

Setup screens are now faster to access and change. This will benefit our customers with large amounts of master data, such as equipment and rental assets.

Calendars Easier to Use

Opening calendars is now easier on all screens that have date entries. The calendar icons are more responsive to the user.

Latitude and Longitude

You can now enter and display latitude and longitude on the job. This is a configuration option. If you are interested in this feature, please contact VistaVu.

Sorting Improvements

Setup master data screens now sort in a consistent manner across all screens.


Rentals and Dispatching

Rental Billing with Zero Quantity

You can now enter a quantity of zero for stage and event billing. This will allow you to create rental billing records when no actual stage or event occurred.

Rental Billing Filter for Unbilled Jobs

A filter has been added to Rental Billing to show only jobs with unbilled rentals. These are the actionable jobs, so these are the jobs that most users wish to see displayed. The unbilled rentals filter is turned on as the
default, but can be overridden by the user if all jobs are needed to be listed.

Transfer Orders

You can now create Transfer Orders to manage the movement of equipment and rental assets between branches. The Transfer Orders record and track individual assets from sending to receiving branches, with an
auditable transfer history.


Preventative Maintenance

Calendar Based Maintenance Events

You can now schedule recurring preventative maintenance for services that are based on time, such as annually or every three months. This is particularly useful for inspections, registrations and insurance renewals.

Meter Readings from FieldVu Mobile Work Orders

Meter readings can now be automatically updated from FieldVu Mobile work orders to the equipment service history in FieldVu Cloud.


Reporting Enhancements

Work Order Repair Time

The Work Order Time report now supports decimal notation, work order type and shows the accounting system’s billing document number. These changes were made as a customer request.

Resource Status Report

The Resource Status Report now shows In Transit assets. These are the assets that are currently on an open Transit Order. This will help users find and manage their assets that are being transferred between branches.

Billing Document Added to Work Order and Field Ticket Reports

We have added the accounting system’s billing document number to the Work Order and Field Ticket Excel export files. This reduces the need to navigate between FieldVu Cloud and the accounting system for document information.


FieldVu Mobile

Usability Enhancements

Performance Improvements

It is now significantly faster to search and find specific assets on the Work Order header. This reduces the time to create work orders, especially for remote users. This change was made after a customer request.
The time to open up the job screen has been reduced to a fraction of the previous time. This improves overall time to create field tickets and work orders.

Search Criteria are Remembered

The previous search criteria for Jobs, Field Tickets and Work Orders are now remembered automatically. You no longer need to retype search criteria, such as a job name or number or the time frame for the search. This makes the system smarter and faster for the users.

Collapse and Expand Field Ticket and Work Order Headers

You can now expand and collapse the Field Ticket and Work Order headers. When collapsed, this increases the line items that are displayed on the screen and reduces the need to scroll up and down.

Delete All Lines on Field Tickets and Work Orders

It is now easy to delete all Labor, Equipment and Material lines from a Field Ticket or Work Orders. This reduces the time to edit documents, especially documents that were duplicated from another.


Field Tickets and Work Orders

Duplicate an Existing Field Ticket or Work Order

You can now create a new Field Ticket or Work Order by making a duplicate of an existing one. The duplicate document will have the same line items as the original, but will not have any header information, such as the asset, customer or job. This will make creating similar Field Tickets or Work Orders much faster and with greater accuracy. This feature was added at the suggestion of a customer.