This general release to FieldVu Cloud and FieldVu Mobile includes enhancements, customer suggested features and corrections developed since release FV1906 in June 2019.

FieldVu Cloud

User Experience

Search Fields Remember Previous Values

Now, the Search field remembers the previously entered value on the Jobs, Field Tickets, Work Orders,Transfer Orders, Resource Status, Items and Equipment screens. This will reduce repetitive typing and let you get to the results faster.

Unapprove Field Tickets and Work Orders

You can now unapprove a Field Ticket or Work Order that had been previously approved. This will allow the document to be edited or deleted.

Manual Completion of Jobs

It is now possible to manually set a job to Completed, independent of the accounting system. This is for situations where a job is operationally completed but remains active in FieldVu because the accounting system has not closed the job.

This functionality is controlled by user authorization.


Branch Support

Global Branch Selector

You can set your branch on any screen and it is remembered on your next screen. The branch is remembered for the current logged in session. This includes the All branch selection for power and administrative users.

Dispatch – Filter Equipment by the Job Branch

Equipment on the Dispatch screen is now filtered by the job’s branch. By default, you will only see equipment at the job’s branch. If you need to select equipment at other branches, it is possible to override the filter and show equipment for all branches.


Dashboard Enhancements

Intuitive Layout

On the dashboard, you can now quickly see the number of active transactions for jobs, field tickets, work orders and rentals. The branch selection applies to the dashboard, so you can filter to see only your branch. By clicking on the dashboard images, you go directly to that area of FieldVu.

Operational Performance Graphs

Approved Field Tickets and Work Orders are graphically displayed so that you can quickly see your transactions for the last selected time period. You can see the transaction volume by count and dollar amount. The branch selection applies to the performance graphs, so you can filter by your branch.



Customer Reports

You now have direct access to custom reports for your company. These reports were previously only available by email. They are now conveniently available in FieldVu. This applies only to FieldVu customers with custom reports.

Resource Status Reports

Additional information is now available for equipment in the Details column. This includes the last transaction, including the last dispatch, work order, disabled date or transit order.


The Equipment page now shows the equipment’s current branch. The branch is now available on the export to Excel.



FieldVu Mobile

User Experience

Branch Selection

You can now select your branch to filter Jobs, Field Tickets and Work Orders to only documents that apply to your area. The branch selection is remembered when you move to another document type. There is still the selection for All Branches, if you want to see everything.

Layout Enhancements

Changes have been made to the Jobs, Field Tickets and Work Order list screens to make the data easier to see and be more informative.

On Field Tickets and Work Orders, the Materials & Other Charges now have a line number and reduced height. This lets you reference a line and see more lines at one time on your screen.


Emailing Tickets

Email Field Tickets and Work Orders

You can now send an email copy of a field ticket or work order directly from FieldVu Mobile. The emailed copy includes the electronic signature and can be sent to multiple recipients. This is the quickest and easiest way to send documents directly from the field to your customer or company.

Form Enhancements

PDF Form Support

You can now upload your pdf documents into FieldVu Mobile as fillable forms. If you already have pdf forms that your field staff uses to collect non-transaction information, you can quickly and accurately convert these files into FieldVu forms.


FieldVu Cloud and Mobile

User Profile

FieldVu Cloud and Mobile now have a user profile that provides access to online Help, What’s New and soon Settings.


You can continue reading on in the PDf document available. To see the entire document click here: FieldVu Cloud and Mobile FV1908 Release Highlights

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