This general release to FieldVu Cloud and FieldVu Mobile includes enhancements, customer suggested features and corrections developed since release FV1912 in December 2019.

FieldVu Cloud

Scheduled Resources

For jobs that have multiple scheduled resources, it is now easier to see all labor and equipment types that are scheduled.

Resources are now listed vertically at each job task and can be quickly deleted as needed

fieldvu cloud

Field Ticket Time Report

The field ticket time report measures operational efficiency in field ticketing. It measures the number of days to process field tickets from creation to submittal to approval.

The report uses the field ticket list screen in FVCloud and based on the selection filters, sends the lists to an Excel spreadsheet. The report then shows the number of days from ticket creation to approval or if unapproved, the days from creation to the current date.

This report is similar to the work order time report.


FieldVu Mobile

Data Loaded Based on Branch

Most users only need to see their own branch’s jobs, field tickets and work orders. Previously, FieldVu Mobile loaded data for all branches.

Now, data loaded at login is limited to the user’s assigned branch. This reduces the start-up time and increases performance on all screens.

The user’s home branch is identified in the FieldVu Cloud Worker profile.

For managers and others who need to see all branch data, it is still possible to load data for every branch. This is done by setting their Worker profile to all branches.


Labor Lines Default to Non-Billable

Some companies rarely or never directly bill for labor. The labor hours are still needed for cost analysis but are not billed to the customer.

For these companies, it is now possible to default the field ticket and work order labor lines to non-billable.

This is a company configuration that is set by VistaVu. If you are interested in this setting, please contact VistaVu.



FieldVu Cloud and Mobile

Document Rejection Comments

Field ticket and work order approvers can now add comments when rejecting documents back to the user who created the document. Document creators will now know why a ticket was rejected.

The optional comments are part of the permanent document history and are display on the field ticket or work order Approval tab comments section.

work order - fieldvu



FVMobile – Screen Movements

Under certain conditions, the field ticket and work order screens would slightly move unintentionally. This screen is now stable and will only move when the user initiates an action that results in a screen change.

FVMobile – Duplicating New Work Orders

It is now possible to use the Duplicate function to create a new work order that is a copy of the selected work order.


SAP Business One Cloud Integration

Areas of Integration

With this release, additional areas of integration were added to the integration to SAP Business One Cloud
• Branch Management
• Rental Billing Integration
• Improved Error Messaging

Details are available for SAP Business One Cloud customers.


You can continue reading on in the PDf document available. To see the entire document click here: FieldVu Cloud and Mobile FV2002

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