This general release to FieldVu Cloud and FieldVu Mobile includes enhancements, customer suggested features and corrections developed since released FV2004 in April 2020. This release focuses on new functionality in the areas of equipment management, global searching and reporting.

The next release is FV2008, scheduled for August 2020.

FieldVu Cloud

Equipment Management

A new module has been added to FieldVu Cloud called Equipment Management, providing detailed equipment analysis at the individual serial number level. At a glance, you will be able to see revenue, maintenance, and history information. If your equipment has connected IoT devices, you will see live data.

Equipment Management ties together equipment usage, maintenance, history and operating costs into a single dashboard.

equipment management - fieldvu


Global Search

There is now a global search in FieldVu Cloud that greatly simplifies the searching for jobs, locations, or tickets.

Simply type in your search text and the entire FieldVu database will be searched for your text. This will show recent documents, jobs, field tickets and work orders. Then you can click into the document using the links.

global search


Job Line Item Detail Report

It is now easier to track the parts, services or equipment used on jobs, field tickets and work orders. The Job Line Item Details reports information about each line item on field ticket or work order, including the job, date, description, item code, qty and price.

reporting - fieldvu

Job Items Consumer Report

Sometimes, you need to know which materials are on unapproved field tickets and work orders before the documents get approved and sent to the ERP system. This is especially important if your ERP system does not send accurate inventory stock levels to FieldVu

Now, there is a convenient report that lists the materials that will be consumed from inventory when the documents are approved, including the inventory or logistics area. This will allow your inventory control to transfer stock to the locations before the approval.

consumer report

Field Ticket and Work Order Reporting Enhancements

These two features make existing reports easier to create and use.

Start and End Dates

Sometimes you need to sort jobs, field tickets or work orders by a specific date range. Now, using the Custom date range selector, you can specify a Starts On Date and an Ends On Date for your searches. Then you export to a spreadsheet for further analysis with only the date range that you need.

field ticket

Export Columns Align

The field ticket and work order exports to spreadsheets now have matching and aligning columns. This makes combining the two exports quicker and easier.


SAP Business One Cloud Integration

Support for SAP Business One version 10.0 SQL with Service Layer
FieldVu continues to grow as ERP systems evolve. FieldVu now works with the latest version of SAP Business One, version 10.0 SQL using the Service Layer. FieldVu uses the SAP project module for the job, replacing the old FieldVu job master.

This provides a migration path for current and future SAP Business One clients using SAP Business One, version 10.0.


You can continue reading on in the PDf document available. To see the entire document click here: FieldVu FV2006 Release Highlights

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