The FieldVu 2012 Release Highlights are here. This release focuses on showing inventory from SAP Business ByDesign to project stock levels for work in progress, as well as some other features and fixes. It is currently available in QA.

This is scheduled to be pushed into Production the evening of December 14th, 2020.

Inventory Report

Inventory can be tricky to manage and because of this we have provided some additional transparency for this information within FieldVu. Users can now see the full picture of what the inventory levels are in ByD, combined with the consumed inventory from Field Tickets and Work Order with varying status. By doing this we are able to project the inventory for each Inventory Location (aka Logistics Area).


inventory report - fieldvu


Consuming Materials

When creating Field Ticket and Work Orders, we now support the selection of the Inventory Location (aka Logistics Area) at the line level of these documents. We are also prepopulating the list with known values, however freedom is important so we do allow free typing of this value.

consuming materials - FieldVu



Equipment Reference Fields

Sometimes it’s important to track additional information about equipment for reference in FieldVu on various documents like the Dispatch and Rental print-outs/exports. Common items include VIN and License Plate. So we’ve created additional customizable fields that can be used in various ways. Please reach out if you want to start using these fields..

Equipment Reference Fields - FieldVu





Job Location Map

Knowing where jobs are located can be incredibly helpful. This geo location information is essential for leveraging the Automated Dispatch feature in FieldVu. However, it was cumbersome to use, so we’ve added a map overview, and allow the user to move the pin around on the map in case it wasn’t quite correct.

Job Location Map



FieldVu Licensing

We feel that it’s wrong to pay for a FieldVu license to connect into ByD, and more so to have to consume a license for any VistaVu employee helping out on support tickets. Therefore, we are now able to add any VistaVu employee and license them without it affecting your overall license count.


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