This general release to FieldVu Cloud and FieldVu Mobile includes enhancements, customer suggested features and corrections developed since release FV1908 in August 2019.

FieldVu Cloud

Scheduling Enhancements

Drag and Drop Resource Scheduling

As a dispatcher, planner or manager, you can now schedule job resources by dragging and dropping labor and equipment types on a planning calendar. This makes scheduling easy, quick and visible. You will be able to add resource types, assign specific workers and pieces of equipment, and make changes in an intuitive user interface.

Work Breakdown Structure Support

As part of the new scheduling functionality, you can add phases to your jobs to support project work breakdown structure. The WBS hierarchy can originate from your ERP system, or you can create it in FieldVu Cloud. The WBS sections can then have individual dates and resources based on the job needs. This will give
you better controls and visibility into larger, more complex jobs.


Scheduling View of All Resources for All Jobs

A master Scheduling view has been added that lets you see all your jobs and their resources in a single screen. You can see which jobs need resources and jobs with workers and equipment already scheduled and dispatched. This will give you a view of all your jobs and resources in a single screen.

FieldVu 1910

Transfer Orders

Make Changes to Orders that are In Transit

It is now easier to make changes to transfer orders that have already shipped and show as ‘In Transit’.

If the entire transfer order needs to be is cancelled, you just cancel the order before it is received. The cancellation is part of the order history.

If an ‘In Transit’ order needs to be edited before it is received, then the order goes back to ‘In Preparation’ so that the equipment or the sending/receiving branches can be changed.


FieldVu Mobile


As a remote user, you now have a dashboard to help you find your job and plan your work.

FieldVu Mobile now has a user dashboard that immediately shows the remote worker information about their jobs. There is a map to see the job location and details about the job. There is a calendar to see the worker’s schedule and any unsubmitted field tickets and work orders.

Dashboard Access

FieldVu Mobile users will automatically see the dashboard if they are dispatched to a job in FieldVu Cloud. If they are not dispatched to any jobs, they will see the list of All Jobs.

Service Location Map

Now, your job location will be easier to find using the FieldVu Mobile dashboard. You will be able to see where your job is located directly on your mobile device.

Using latitude and longitude coordinates, the job will show on a map for workers that are dispatched to the job. This is a standard and familiar Google map that has features such as zooming in or out, map view and street view.

Calendar of Current, Upcoming and Recent Jobs

You can now see your job schedule at a glance. The FieldVu Mobile dashboard includes a calendar that shows your jobs and unsubmitted documents.

The schedule shows a three week window. You can see the current week, the next week, and the prior week. This way you know what requires your immediate attention, what is coming up and any unsubmitted documents from the past week.

Unsubmitted field tickets and work orders are displayed so that you have visibility into open tickets that may require your attention.


current dispatch - fieldvu

Emailing Enhancement

Email Comments

You can now include a comment on the emails that are created from Field Tickets and Work Orders. Tell your customer ‘Thanks for the business’ or tell your boss ‘Here’s the ticket you were asking about’.


FieldVu Cloud and Mobile

Performance and Robustness Enhancements

FieldVu Mobile Login

Logging into FieldVu Mobile is now faster. Master data compression has been added to make the login sequence faster, especially for companies that have very large data sets.


Rental Billing Exceptions to the Norm

FieldVu Cloud Rental Billing now handles specific, unusual billing scenarios. One scenario involves assets being dispatched in and out, then the job dates changed afterwards. Another scenario involves splitting the rental charges of an odd number of assets to an odd number of multiple jobs.

In both scenarios, we have identified edge case workflows and corrected the rental billing logic accordingly


Searchable List of Forms

In work orders and field tickets, the list of forms now includes a search window. If your company has a large number of forms, it is now easier to find the exact form that you need.


You can continue reading on in the PDf document available. To see the entire document click here: FieldVu Cloud and Mobile FV1910

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