Follow this 4-step guide to copy a report, in test into production.

1) In the Test System – create your Report under the Business Analytics Work Center. Select “Upload/Download” option under Business Analytics > Common Tasks.

copy a report in bydesign

2) Select the “Download” Tab. Select the Object Type “Report”. You have “DataSource”, “Key Figure” and “KPI” available for download as well. Click the Add Button. Select the Report you want to download.

download report - sap business byDesign

3) Click the Download button. Select Save/Save As once the download is completed. In your production system – Select “Upload/Download” option under Business Analytics>Common Tasks.

copy a report in test into production - bydesign

4) Click the “Upload” Tab. Click the “Upload Object” button. Find and Select the file you downloaded that contains the report. Click “Save”. Navigate to the report and confirm that you are able to run the report.


You can continue reading on in the PDf document available. To see the entire document click here: How to Copy a Report in Test into Production

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