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inventory counting - sap business one

Inventory Cycles

Inventory cycles allow you to setup a time frame in which counts should be completed. You can complete the recurrence, as well as end dates.

End dates would allow you to have additional counts for a specific time frame.

inventory cycles - sap business one


Cycle Count Recommendations Selection

The cycle count recommendations allow you to create criteria and allow SAP to provide recommendations for creating a count sheet.

You can select based on a specific cycle code, specific item code. Vendors and even item groups. You can select the warehouses you would like the run it for.

This will provide a number of items to be counted. You can select them from this screen and select inventory counting which will start the count process. You can also begin marking items as counted if they have been done in a separate count.

cycle count - sap business one

cycle count - sap business one


Inventory Counting

In the inventory counting screen, you can select if there are multiple counters, as well as the specific user that is completing the count.

This is where you can freeze a specific inventory item for the count.

If you choose not to use the cycle count recommendations, you can also manually add items to a inventory count using the add items function.

Once the items have been counted and entered , you can make the adjustments as necessary.

inventory counting - sap business one


You can continue reading on in the PDf document available. To see the entire document click here: Training for Inventory Counting SAP Business One

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