Job Status

Active: When a job is marked as active, this allows field tickets to continue to be added to the job. This also allows modifications to the job itself, such as adding information to the schedule or charges tab.

Completed/Closed: Once a job is marked as closed, you can no longer create additional field tickets that reference that job number. You cannot modify the job or change the status once it is marked as closed.

Quote: An additional status for jobs is the quote status. This generates a sales order for tracking and has been used by some customers’ sales departments for quoting and estimating.


Job Process

Job Creation: Customer has requested work so you created a job master document in SAP Business One.

Work Done in Field: Labor, equipment and/or materials have been used for a customer job.

Field Ticket Created: Field ticket is created in FieldVu or in FieldVu Mobile

Field Ticket Approved: Field Ticket is reviewed internally and revised or approved.

Delivery and Labor Sheet Created: Approved field ticket creates a delivery note removing the materials from inventory as necessary, and applying labor costs.

AR Invoice for Customer: Create AR invoice from delivery notes and labor sheets to bill customer.

Mark Job Complete: No more work is required for the job, and no additional field tickets will be created. Mark job as completed.


Active Jobs

active job

If you click the yellow drill down, FieldVu will open the job master and a list of jobs to search from. Best practice is to enter an * and tab to search for the correct job. This will only provide active jobs to select from.

active job sap business one

field ticket

Once a field ticket is created, it can be approved after a job is marked as completed, or can be approved while a job is still active.

The action of marking a field ticket as approved generates a delivery for materials or equipment and a labor sheet for employee time.This in turn has accumulated cost on the balance sheet and will also allow you to begin billing the customer.

field ticket

job master business one

job master business one

Completed or Closed Jobs

Once job is marked as completed, it cannot be edited. All fields are greyed out and cannot be modified.

job closure in sap business one

Attempting to add a field ticket to a completed job will load the customer information but will provide an error saying that the action was stopped by add-on.

completed jobs sap business one

closed jobs sap business one

If a job is marked as completed, there can still be open field tickets hat are able to be approved; but no additional field tickets can be created. These tickets can be approved and deliveries, labor sheets and AR invoices can be created as necessary.

You can continue reading on in the PDf document available. To see the entire document click here: SAP Business One Job Closure Process

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