The relationship map is a neat tool within SAP Business one. It provides a high-level graphical representation of the relationships between marketing documents and how they have been handled. In order for the standard connections to be made between the documents, the users will need to use the ‘Copy To’ and ‘Copy From’ functions. The relationship map will only show the connection when the end user creates the target documents directly from documents that already exist.

How to view the relationship map:
To view the relationship map, navigate to any marketing document. For example, if the user wanted to investigate details on a Sales Order the user will need to open an existing order. Once the Sales Order document is opened, the user will have the option of viewing the relationship map by right clicking the document. The menu will open, and the relationship map choice will be available. Note that the user will not be able to view the map unless a document is opened.

Viewing options:

The relationship map has multiple viewing options:

  • Document Tree
  • Posting Details
  • Related Items
  • Referenced Documents
  • Related Blanket Agreements
  • Pick Lists

The document tree view will be covered during this overview. The document tree view shows the relationships between the base documents and the target documents as shown below.

To read more, use the link to download the PDF document.