Keyboard Shortcuts

Within SAP Business One, a user may use keyboard shortcuts to increase productivity when working in the system. Although SAP B1 offers plenty of keyboard shortcuts, the ones listed below are some of our favorite when working within marketing documents!

user experience - sap business one

Inputting Date – Shortcuts

Auto input current system dates rather than selecting it on the calendar icon. It is as simple as entering any letter on the keyboard and then pressing the Tab key.

inputting date - sap business one

inputting date - sap business one

Auto input unique dates rather than selecting it on the calendar icon. For example, if you wanted to input a date a week from today, you would enter ‘+7’ and press the Tab key.

sap business one tips and tricks

sap business one tips and tricks


Function Keys

SAP B1 offers a tool that allows users to customize their function keys, given that the user has a keyboard with these keys. The user can map each key to open a specific window from any module rather than using the menu screen and drilling into each module to find a window.

a. Toolbar → My Shortcuts → Customize

function keys - sap business one


Screen Data Refresh

If several users happen to be updating a document at the same time, a common habit that users have is pressing the left and right arrow buttons to leave the record and enter back into it. A more efficient and quick way to refresh the information is pressing the refresh button in the tool bar slightly right to the arrow keys.

screen data refresh sap business one


Hide Menu Items

The menu selection can be a bit too extensive for one’s preference especially if a user only uses specific modules/sub-modules. SAP allows users to customize their menu selection by hiding a few of them. The menu items can be unhidden by simply unchecking the box and updating the screen.

a. Administration → System Initialization → General Settings → Hide Functions tab.

hide menu items - sap business one


Tool Tip Preview

The user can enable the golden arrows to show additional details when hovering the mouse over them. This feature must be enabled per user. Therefore, enabling this feature in one user’s account will not update the change company-wide.

a. Administration → System Initialization → Tooltip Preview

Tool Tip Preview - SAP Business One

Tool Tip Preview - SAP Business One


Case Sensitive When Creating New Users (SAP HANA)

Within SAP HANA when creating a new user, it is important to know that this version of SAP is case sensitive. For example, ‘Bob’ and ‘bob’ will be registered as two different users. This detail is mostly important for companies who utilize multiple databases as SAP will determine that they are registered as two different people.



You can continue reading on in the PDf document available. To see the entire document click here: SAP Business One Tips and Tricks – Enhancing User Experience

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