Outgoing Payment Process

payment wizard training - sap business one

Payment Wizard

Open the payment wizard and select either new payment run, or use a previously saved payment run.

payment wizard - sap business one

General Parameters

Select general parameters for the payment run. You can add a new payment run name. The date for the payment run, and the next payment run date

Select outgoing or incoming payments, and whether it is a check or bank transfer. This will change the types of recommendations you received from the payment wizard.

Select your numbering series and confirm. Likely this will not need to be changed. You can also filter based on min payments, and whether it is determined on document or payment. This is for if your are saving the payment run.

Can also include BP reference number.

general parameters - sap business one

Business Partner

Based on the general parameters of the payment run, the wizard will allow you to select based on Business partner code.

You can also filter based on business partner group, and properties. You can choose to add expanded selection criteria such as a UDF or other master data.

Add these vendors to the list and check the business partners for this payment run.

business partner - sap business one

Document Parameters

Business partners have now been selected for the payment run, but we have not defined what types of documents will be included for these vendors.

You can create a selection priority based on due date, posting date, cash discount or pay-to details.

Then you select the types of filters for the AP or AR transactions that you are creating a payment run for. This can allow you to narrow down your payment run, or expand it.

document parameters - sap business one

Payment Method

Based on the data provided in the previous parameters it provides the selection for the payment method.

Because we have selected outgoing check, and the types of business partners, it has selected the “out chk” payment method for this payment run.

Clicking the box on the left selects this payment run.

It is important to confirm the max out going amount or it will not allow to process the pay run.

payment wizard - sap business one


Based on the criteria provided, the wizard generates a list of recommended payments.

In this case this has generated a list of 4 payments for vendors, and a total amount of ~$95k. This also contains information regarding the GL account, the check amount, if there are multiple checks based on business partner master data, and the notes for the outgoing payment.

You have the option to remove lines, or add manual lines at this stage.

recommended payments - sap business one

recommended payments - sap business one

You now have the option to save the payment run, save the recommendations, execute a payment order, or execute an actual payment run.

The wizard will confirm that it has executed the payment run successfully.


The summary notes what types of documents were created. In this specific run there was a payment and a check created.

This gives us the option to print a check as stated on the right hand side. If the check checkbox isn’t shown this is due to no checks being created in the payment run.

You can print the checks directly from this screen.

printing payment wizard - sap business one

The selection of the print button will open the document printing selection criteria.

Regardless of the checks have been created, we are simply selecting to print these checks now.

You select the bank information for the document printing, this will generate all the bank information based on the check.

printing wizard - sap business one

Selecting okay on the selection criteria opens the Print checks for payment screen.

This allows you to select the next check no. and shows the internal id for this check number, along with other relevant information for these documents to be printed

printing sap business one

Payment Methods

It is important to have both check and bank transfer payment methods setup prior to the payment runs.

This will allow the payment run to create the correct documents in SAP Business One based on the selection criteria.

Based on the payment run for the business partner, this will change how the payment wizard selects the payments for a business partner.

It is important that this information is created and the default is setup for a specific business partner.

You can continue reading on in the PDf document available. To see the entire document click here: Payment Wizard Training in SAP Business One

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