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Q&A Café: Create Pricing Procedures using Custom Fields in SAP Business ByDesign Do you want to create some special pricing procedures that aren't handled out of the box in ByD? For example, would you like to add freight or surcharges based on delivery zones? Come to this session to see how you can configure new and exciting pricing features based on custom fields!20/1/202112:00pm MST1 hour
Q&A Café: Netting Payables/Receivables in SAP Business ByDesign Join this session to understand how to use ByDesign to net payables against receivables. Netting is the process of offsetting payables with receivables to partially or completely clear the open items. In an organization receivables and payables transactions occur between the organization and the business partners. Such receivables and payables items are posted to the respective customer or supplier account. All the receivables and payables pertaining to a customer account is processed in customer account monitor and similarly the due/open items pertaining to a supplier account is processed in the supplier account monitor.27/1/202112:00pm MST1 hour
Q&A Café: Reporting 2.0 in SAP Business ByDesign In this advanced reporting session we will show you how to create more complex reports in SAP Business ByDesign. We will look at how to join multiple data sources to get the information that you need in one report.3/2/202112:00pm MST1 hour
Q&A Café: Fixed Asset Procurement in SAP Business ByDesign There are a number of ways to purchase Fixed Assets in SAP ByDesign. Likely you may be doing procurement through a Fixed Asset clearing account and then manually setting up the asset. In this workshop we will look at how to setup Product Categories which can be linked to Fixed Asset spending. Depending on spend thresholds you can configre the system to automatically capitalize or expense an asset. Please attend this session if you want a better understand of pros/cons of this option and how it could work for your business.10/2/202112:00pm MST1 hour