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Q&A Café: SAP Business ByDesign Report Writing Tips & Tricks In this short session, we will have a look at how to quickly create reports using SAP ByDesign report builder. We will discuss the difference between Selections and Views. How to modify out of the box Selections and save them to your personal account. How to pivot data easily between rows and columns. We will look at how to drill down to source data from a ByDesign report. How to use some of the settings to make reports easier to export into Excel.

A note to attendees: This session is useful for ANY Sap ByDesign user or any module that may want to run/modify their own reports. While this is a basic level session, advanced users are encouraged to attend as you may find some tips of which you were unaware.
1/4/202012:00pm MDT30 minutes
Q&A Café: SAP Business One Topic TBD Topic TBD.8/4/202012:00pm MDT30 minutes
Q&A Café: How do General Ledger Determinations work in SAP ByDesign Did you in most screens in SAP ByDesign when a user is selecting the “GL Account”, they are probably selecting a General Ledger Determination which is then MAPPED to an account. In this session we will go into the administrator settings to get a look at how the GL Determinations are created. Have you ever wondered - Why do they exist? Why don’t we just select account instead of determinations? What are all the steps I need to know about if I’m going to create a new GL Account in the system?
A note to attendees: While this session is ideal for finance users who maintain the chart of accounts, this session is open to anyone that is curious about how the determination engine works and what it does.

15/4/202012:00pm MDT30 minutes
Q&A Café: SAP Business One Topic TBD Topic TBD.22/4/202012:00pm MDT30 minutes