Are you trying to print and getting an error in SAP Business ByDesign? Was it working for you before but can’t figure it out? Is the error you are getting the following:  Cloud Print Manager Error:”Connection test failed”?  You are not alone. Many of VistaVu’s customers started experiencing this error recently with the Cloud Print Manager, causing print issues for them because of a configuration change with the TLS Protocol. We’ve used the following steps for several of our clients that resolved the issue hope it helps you out.

To resolve this issue complete the following steps.

  • Open Cloud print manager and go to “Settings”



  • Click “Proxy” and choose the correct option and fill the proxy configuration.



  • Click “security protocol” and choose the correct protocol in the list. The supported options should be Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.1 or (TLS) 1.2.

This should fix up your SAP Business ByDesign Cloud Print issues. Happy Holidays!

VistaVu Staff.