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Become more capable with SAP Business ByDesign, Boomi and FieldVu Solutions.

Scale & Customize

Go beyond out-of-the-box. With an array of customizations you can make your ERP more efficient and when you add Boomi your systems start talking to each other providing a new level of efficiency to scale your growth.

Trust Your Data

Get an up-to-date single source of truth, thanks to a single ERP platform deployment. If you have a complex IT environment that needs Master Data Management across several solutions that you require to run your business, Boomi can be the hub for your golden rules.

Update Easily

If you have an internet connection and a standard web browser, you’re good to go. Your system is automatically updated to the latest version.

Use Anywhere

All your company data is available on the go — and from any devices so your Field teams can access when they need it.

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