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Black Hills Bentonite

Challenge: Looking for a solution that would help leverage data in a more useful way for the company.

Solution: With the size of the business and accounting needs, VistaVu was able to implement SAP Business One to assist with the data extraction needs from the software to Excel.

Result: Black Hills was able to become more efficient using SAP Business One for all their accounting needs to provide better decision making for the company.

Black Hills Bentonite LLC  is a privately held company that supplies bentonite products to key industries around the world. Headquartered in Casper, Wyoming the company mines bentonite and operates processing plants throughout central and northern Wyoming.

From humble beginnings in 1947, they are now mining and processing bentonite into two main forms; such as the granular product that is used as cat litter and a powdered product used as drilling gel to seal large areas of contamination within the Oil & Gas industry.

Black Hills was looking for better ways to run its business, they were seeking something more updated and easier to use than the system they were using at the time.

“One of the things we were looking for was the ability to extract our data in a more useful, friendly way,” said Tammy Keeran, CPA – Controller at Black Hills Bentonite. “When [VistaVu] came to present the SAP Business One product, we felt like they had an accounting background… and that was very important to us.”

The small business solution, SAP Business One, was the ERP needed to gain insight and control over every aspect of the business and allow others to access and use it company-wide; all at an affordable price.

Over the 10+ years VistaVu has been working with Black Hills, they have worked with the accounting team to create custom reports using Business One.

“We are able to access the information that we need, in the format that we need, in a really timely manner,” said Tom Druse, CFO. “It works very well.”

VistaVu continues to work with Black Hills with any new reporting requirements or system upgrades needed for Business One.