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Challenge: A start-up organization needs a dynamic platform that will enable growth while providing detailed information and reports to analyze the margins and metrics of the young company.

Solution: A robust all-in-one platform that enables workflow and processes to help the business grow profitably.

Result: FieldVu Express provided the ideal option for Cariboo Outdoor Distributors with a rapid implementation to get the company up and operational as quickly as possible.

Cariboo Outdoor Distributors is an independent outdoor sporting goods distributor based in Edmonton, Alberta. The company was founded in November 2015 with a focus to grow rapidly servicing retailers across Western Canada.

In 2016, company owners Matthew McAra and Denny McAra realized they needed a new accounting, inventory and sales platform that would service their needs for years to come.

They turned to VistaVu Solutions and the FieldVu Express option which provided a rapid implementation, flexible subscription pricing and an easy-to-use interface.

“Working with the VistaVu team and FieldVu Express, the solution we’ve come up with in such a short period of time has been fantastic,” said Denny McAra adding that he uses it on a daily basis and it is so much easier to use compared to their previous system.

The implementation took about 3 months and VistaVu was able to provide customized reports for Cariboo based on what they needed for their business. This has resulted in a greater level of detail in the sales reports so the team is more focused and the margins are in line with the growth that the company is experiencing.

“It’s nice to know that we’ve got a platform that we’re never going to have to worry about,” said Matthew McAra. “I could still do a lot of the heavy lifting but I could have the specialists at VistaVu hold my hand throughout the process – that was a big selling feature for me.”

Cariboo’s goal is to distribute wholesale outdoor sporting goods across Canada and to have a national presence, perhaps with a second warehouse in Ontario. With their platform, the company believes it’s in a strong position to accomplish its goals.

“FieldVu Express is the ideal hybrid solution – providing good customer support at a cost effective price point,” said Matthew McAra. “I can’t say enough about the VistaVu Solutions team – they are outstanding.”

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