OCI Beaumont

OCI Beaumont

Challenge: OCI needed a partner that was responsive and knowledgeable, but also one that could take the strategic role, guiding them as they digitized and streamlined their processes.

Solution: OCI began working with VistaVu on their SAP Business ByDesign project. The Customer Success program provided a dedicated CEE to help OCI resolve legacy issues they had and identify optimization opportunities that various segments of VistaVu’s team was able to deliver on.

Result: Their partner relationship shifted from a break-fix to VistaVu’s managed approach, and discovered the efficiency, productivity, and cost-savings that integration projects can create for their business. The OCI AP team was able to decrease their risk tightening the controls around banking and save more than 16 hours each month in one instance of optimization, by replacing manual, paper-based tasks with automation using Dell Boomi integrations. As well as working with a knowledgeable partner with the primary objective of doing what’s best for OCI and their SAP Business ByDesign software.


Chemical manufacturer upgrades from a break-fix partner to a strategic relationship and gains new advantages.

When OCI Beaumont implemented its first enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, the company worked with an SAP Business ByDesign partner with limited resources. Although a higher number of tickets during a new system implementation isn’t unusual, OCI issued thousands of tickets and could have as many as 40 open at any given time.

OCI learned that issues with this partner extended beyond slow ticket resolution. Serge Hoover, Finance and Systems Director at OCI Americas, says the partner’s team was hindered by limited product and industry knowledge. “We were paying for the time they were taking to educate themselves in addition to solving our problems,” she adds.

The partnership with the firm also slowed progress in OCI’s digital transformation.  “We tried  integrations several times, but they were never able to make them work,” Serge says.  “We’d spend a lot of money and time, but ultimately we’d just have to abandon the project.”

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In light of the goals OCI set at its IPO and for the future, it was clear they needed a different partner to help deliver the solutions and services they needed.

Partnering with VistaVu Turned It Around

VistaVu acquired OCI’s previous partner in 2017, and Jory Lamb, VistaVu’s founder and CEO, urged Serge to give his company a try.

“We basically took a chance, and the rest is history,” Serge says, recounting a completely different working relationship than they had with the previous company and newly identified opportunities to make technology work for OCI.

Serge appreciates VistaVu’s project management capabilities, attention to detail, and quality of work with minimal errors. She also says that VistaVu completes projects efficiently and in a timely manner. On several occasions, VistaVu has set up new company codes within OCI’s instance, adding new companies in short time frames.

Serge points out that at the beginning of the relationship, VistaVu was going through a transition of its own –focusing more on customer experience, managed services and overall customer success. Ami Burns, VistaVu’s Client Engagement Executive (CEE), became OCI’s main point of contact.

“Ami could do it all. She understands business processes, is a good communicator, has a lot of initiative, and is on top of things all the time,” Serge says. “She’s a knowledgeable resource, and she works hard to ensure we’re successful. She’s an advocate for us, so we don’t have to be.”

“Working with VistaVu doesn’t require as much handholding as it did with the previous partner. For someone in my position, that’s amazing,” she comments.

Serge recalls that on one of their monthly cadence calls, Burns suggested that OCI make the best use of some hours in their contract to leverage the Dell Boomi integrations team to review and make recommendations to improve OCI’s accounts payable (AP) processes. With VistaVu’s guidance, OCI was able to automate processes necessary to participate in OCI’s parent company’s cash pooling processes, first automating payment files to make ACH payments and then automating bank statements. This Boomi integration eliminated manual closing processes that took a few days each month.

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