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Challenge: Running mismatched systems within one company.

Solution: Installing and transitioning all systems to one customized solution by VistaVu.

Result: A customer and employee friendly, single-point of entry to process important workflows accurately and efficiently.

As a leading company in the facility maintenance industry, Edmonton Exchanger has a lot of moving parts. The company specializes in turnaround, shutdown and other essential services for the oil and gas, petrochemical and power generation industries. With between 400 and 1,500 workers, depending on the season and project load, Edmonton Exchanger produces vast amounts of data. This data includes: field activities, safety records, employee information, equipment rental and maintenance, payroll, billing and more.

At one time, managing all of this data was much harder than it should have been. Edmonton Exchanger was running several different systems, and these systems were not able to link to each other. The company had separate programs for accounting, payroll, safety incidents, training programs and purchase orders. The same data had to be entered two or even three times and was prone to many errors. This, coupled with limited reporting capability, had a clear financial cost.

VistaVu often meets companies that are spending more time entering information and looking for that information, than analyzing that information in order to best manage the business. This was the case for Edmonton Exchanger. VistaVu opened their eyes to the benefits of having a single point of entry into a unified system that could be used by all employees.

SAP Business One and FieldVu

SAP Business One with the FieldVu add-on was the perfect solution to meet the needs of Edmonton Exchanger. When examining the advantages of this approach, there are many examples of companies that had made the switch to SAP and saw the true ROI.

Reduced DSO (days sales outstanding) by 12%
Doubled the productivity of its purchasing group
Reduced its time to close the books by 75%
Increased rig days worked by 27%

In a collaborative manner and compressed time frame, VistaVu successfully installed and transitioned Edmonton Exchanger to SAP Business One and FieldVu. Now all their master data is stored in a single SAP database and Edmonton Exchanger enjoys a simpler, more accurate billing flow.

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