Mikisew Group of Companies - billing ERP

Mikisew Group of Companies

Challenge: Depressed cash flow and decreased productivity after outgrowing their invoicing and billing system.

Solution: One system with mobile application, installed by VistaVu Solutions, to create efficiencies and empower staff to complete their jobs accurately.

Result: Inspired staff and increased company-wide profitability.

Northern Alberta’s Mikisew Group of Companies was a rapidly growing energy services company with a big problem – they were leaking revenue. The problem was traced back to their system of invoice creation. They had grown so fast that they outgrew the system; different billing practices used by different sites led to depressed cash flow and decreased productivity.

To rectify this problem, Mikisew worked closely with VistaVu Solutions to implement SAP Business One and FieldVu, VistaVu’s add-on for industrial field services companies. FieldVu was a good fit for the company’s needs and most closely matched the payroll and billing integration requirements of the business. The system was customized to Mikisew’s specific needs and intuitive enough for users to learn quickly.

So when Sandra Heit started with Mikisew in 2014, things were already moving along smoothly. Sandra recalls, “When I started, FieldVu was already well established and billing processes were tight. We had the one single-point of entry that reduced errors in billing, our pricing was accurate and efficient, invoices were easy to review, and we were doing customized invoices for clients. All of this led to tighter financial controls and a greatly increased cash flow – which the company still experiences today.”

Mikisew is now working to fully integrate FieldVu Mobile, which will allow the company to increase the accuracy of all billing and payroll transactions, meaning less re-work and more money saved.

Sandra explains, “Our process costs will go down even more. Accuracy will improve. Speed of processing will increase. Today we have about six people keying in the data, we won’t need that once we’re fully up and running.”

Working with VistaVu to implement SAP Business One and FieldVu, and now FieldVu Mobile, has meant that employees have the right help at the right time and has allowed Mikisew to fulfill its mission to help staff in their jobs, so they will be inspired to give their best.