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Challenge: Nova Services, a diversified oilfield services company, required a more comprehensive view of their company’s different divisions.

Solution: After outgrowing SAP Business One, Nova continued to work with the VistaVu team to implement SAP Business ByDesign, continuing to optimize with Dell Boomi integrations.

Result: Nova Services now has consolidated reporting and EIN/tax views across multiple divisions giving them valuable insights into the overall health of their company.

Nova Services upgrades from SAP Business One to SAP Business ByDesign gaining deeper insights and a flexible work environment

Nova Services Inc. is a diversified oilfield service company that supplies drilling fluids, liquid mud, sand transportation and storage, chemical blending and several other services for the US market. Based in New Mexico, the company has ~170 staff and has been operating since 1989. The company was working with an outdated oil and gas accounting system that no longer met the needs of this busy organization. CFO Gerald Bromley said that the user interface wasn’t friendly and the system wasn’t scalable.

“Expanding into new divisions and new product lines meant that we needed more flexibility and access to information – improved invoice layouts and incorporation of fields that customers requested, as well as quick access to accounts receivable,” said Gerald.


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Photo provided by Nova Services.

The organization investigated several options and was planning to move to SAP Business One when they discovered VistaVu Solutions and the FieldVu software product.

The combination of SAP Business One with the field service component became the most logical solution for their business.

“I like the job costing and job project system – being able to track the costs and the revenue,” said Gerald. “Tracking and being able to do reports immediately has been significantly improved from our old system.”

In 2015, Nova Services made the shift to SAP Business One and FieldVu and immediately noticed efficiency gains. One example of this was interim billing; previously they were only able to bill at the end of a project. With Business One & FieldVu, they were able to invoice per each delivery – making the process easier for the project manager to ensure that they were paid in a timely manner, while providing their customers with the detailed information they expect.

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Photo provided by Nova Services.

After forming a close relationship with the team at VistaVu and seeing the efficiencies that SAP Business One brought Nova Services, they decided to take the next step and adopt SAP Business ByDesign. This shift was prompted by SAP Business ByDesign’s ability to easily compare company divisions, as Nova Services continued to diversify, they required a system that would let them compare financial reports.

“The intercompany in Business One just never worked quite like we hoped. I liked how in ByDesign you don’t switch between companies the same way – you don’t have to log out of this one and into that one. You can just run reports across them and literally set them side by side without any add-ons” Gerald noted.

Many companies that adopt a smaller on-prem ERP such as SAP Business One eventually move to a more comprehensive cloud system as their business continues to grow. Nova Services implemented SAP Business ByDesign in August of 2019 and immediately gained deeper insights into each business unit. Prior to SAP Business ByDesign, they were unable to roll out all their transactions into just one company to view a comprehensive tax return P&L, but now reporting is made easy.

When COVID-19 hit in early March of 2020, the cloud advantages of SAP Business ByDesign became evident.

“The cloud has been wonderful, especially since Covid. We were deemed essential in the state so we continued to operate, however we’ve had people who have known people or been in contact with people and had to quarantine, and they’ve been able to work at home.”

Now that Nova Services is seeing the gains of a cloud ERP system, they have started working on new integration projects with VistaVu and the Dell Boomi team. They are currently working on integrating their own software for field engineers into ByDesign by building a dispatch module for logistics. They are “going to have that push for invoicing, creating the sales orders and what not to create the invoices by the push of a button. That’s going to eliminate double entry for every single ticket,” explained Gerald.

With SAP Business ByDesign in place, Nova Services has a platform that is capable to scale and provide opportunities to optimize their operations. “I like the ability to integrate and collaborate with other data sets and information to be more efficient, to pull information from more places and gather it in one spot. That’s the future – one place to tell you all this information from all of these different places.”

With SAP Business ByDesign in place as their ERP system, Nova Services is able to work with VistaVu’s Dell Boomi team to implement critical integrations that will save their employees time and streamline operations.