Orbis Engineering Field Experise

Orbis Engineering

Challenge: Five different systems and databases handling all incoming information from the field.

Solution: One system with mobile application, installed by VistaVu Solutions, to manage all essential company data.

Result: Significantly accelerated invoice creation process with custom and easily generated reporting.

Orbis Engineering’s field expertise was its greatest strength and its most pressing management challenge.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Orbis is a full-service engineering design firm that specializes in field engineering for power systems. With clients in the oil and gas, mining and utility sectors, Orbis’ ability to service remote or restricted locations is a big part of its competitive advantage.

At the same time, data demands of field operation were getting harder and harder for this growing company to manage. They were using five different systems and databases to handle the information coming in from the field. The data included multiple categories such as professional services, materials supply, equipment rentals, and subcontractors.

Under this method, paper tickets were handwritten in the field, shipped back to head office and entered into the appropriate system. Orbis management was in the dark about what was truly happening in the field in terms of labor, equipment and materials because of this process. Errors resulted because of data-entry issues, legibility and misplacement of tickets. Profitability was being affected and the management team was unable to run meaningful reports to identify and rectify their problems. Orbis needed a new way to manage all the information that was essential to their bottom-line.

In the spring of 2011, Orbis began working with VistaVu Solutions on the implementation of SAP Business One plus VistaVu’s FieldVu package for industrial field service companies.


SAP Business One and FieldVu

With SAP Business One and FieldVu, all of the information is entered once and resides in one place. FieldVu has greatly improved the speed and accuracy of data capture, allowing Orbis to invoice sooner and enhance cash flow.

Orbis management now enjoys far greater visibility into field activities. With data arriving daily, it is easier to manage project budgets and make timely adjustments to ensure Orbis is being paid on-time and for all work completed.