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Challenge: SEF is a holding company with three merging business units. They needed one consolidated system to better run their business and to create a digital ecosystem for future innovation. In addition, they saw a need to include a field ticketing system to manage assets and staff in the field.

Solution: SAP Business ByDesign was implemented as the core ERP for SEF’s business operations. VistaVu’s FieldVu became the ticketing system for field activities and the IoT Infrastructure to support their new valve product line.

Result: All three business units at SEF are now on a consolidated platform. Field services are consolidated and automation derived from product sensors, created revenue and billing efficiencies and has increased safety on the work site by reducing onsite field staff for monitoring.

SEF Energy is a private holding company with three operating companies in the Industrial Field Services Industry, in the oilfield equipment vertical: Applied Industrial Machining, Downing Well and OSO Perforating. Residing in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, SEF was established in 2014 with operating companies going back almost 40 years.

Over the years, and because of the blending of the three companies, SEF had several disparate ERP systems. This created stale data that was not useful, processes that were not optimized, resulting in unnecessary difficulties transacting the businesses across the companies. When SEF decided to implement SAP Business ByDesign, they were seeking an ERP that would solve their consolidation issues along with a field solution that was integrated.

SAP Business ByDesign - SEF warehouse

“SEF needed something as nimble and agile as we were, while at the same time not overly complicated to use,” says Alan White, Former Director of Information Technology. “[We chose VistaVu] because of the way you guys think…It’s led to a lot of creative and innovative solutions.”

Working with SEF, VistaVu was able to create a consolidated structure for the companies to adopt.  FieldVu was implemented to support revenue billings coming from the field. Synergies between some of VistaVu’s R&D efforts in the IoT space and SEF’s new products that were in development, created an opportunity to expedite time to market for their product launch.

“Our mission is to be a manufacturing focused company and then technology driven,” says Tim Marvel, VP of Business Development and Technology. “So, we are investing heavily into technology.”


With SEF’s Freedom Series Valve, a fully automated way to nearly continuous frac operations on plug and perf completions, SEF worked closely with VistaVu to use ByDesign, FieldVu and its IoT platform to get the sensor information from the equipment and recreate new revenue opportunities. In a short period of time, this effort helped to manage sensor data capture and communication every 5 seconds, resulting in managing 13 million data elements per day. This effective way of monitoring has increased safety by reducing the number of onsite staff.

VistaVu continues to work closely with SEF to create more efficiencies and innovations within the field services industry bringing technological advancements that improve business efficiencies.


SAP Business ByDesign - SEF Energy

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