TerraPro Inc.

Challenge: TerraPro needed a single source of truth to replace their disconnected systems.

Solution: SAP Business One was implemented as the core ERP for TerraPro to provide a unified system to increase visibility across the organization.

Result: TerraPro is now able to easily access and analyze important data, streamline business processes and integrate once siloed systems.

TerraPro Inc. is an Access Matting and Earthworks company located in Edmonton, Alberta. Since 2006 they’ve been supplying and managing mats that allow for companies to continue working through remote areas.

Prior to implementing SAP Business One, TerraPro was using a collection of different systems to track information across their company. These disconnected systems were inhibiting, making it difficult to gain visibility into operations.

What their team really needed from a new ERP system was to see improvements around internal management reporting to gain better insights into profitability. They wanted to speed up the rate of producing meaningful information and implement better internal controls.

After researching different solutions on the market, they decided that SAP Business One was the right fit for their company.

TerraPro chose VistaVu as their implementation partner, and after implementing Business One, gained three main advantages:

  1. Organized data that can easily be analyzed
  2. Streamlined business processes to improve daily operational efficiencies
  3. Integrations between additional systems

“Before Business One, we also didn’t have a great control framework in place within our system to ensure that the overall information was being recorded correctly” Says Jeff Miller, Financial Controller at TerraPro. “What we’ve seen since then is the number of mistakes has drastically been reduced.”

After implementation, TerraPro has recognized additional opportunities with the system and continues to work with VistaVu to further customize the system.

“Overall, I feel like our system and operation is much more efficient now” says Jeff Miller. “From that standpoint, VistaVu is a good partner for us and more than anything the product was a good fit as well.”