If your company provides a service at your client’s locations, then you will benefit from a Field Service Management Software system (FSM). A FSM system will manage your company’s employees, equipment and materials while in transit and at your client’s location, improving your operational efficiency and your bottom line.

Field service management software is an important investment for your company. As with any investment, you need to weigh the costs and benefits before you make the decision to proceed.

The costs can be easy to quantify. The purchase and support costs are defined in the contract. You know in advance what to expect. The unknowns are the intangible costs of organizational change and disruption to your business during the implementation and transition period.

However, the benefits are not so easily quantified or even identified. The benefits affect your internal operations, your customers and your bottom line.

Some of the benefits like direct costs or time savings can be measured, but most benefits are intangible and can be more difficult to measure. Some benefits are not realized until months after implementation and are not readily visible until your company has adjusted to the new system.

Here are some of the important benefits that you should expect to receive from a FSM.

Real Time Visibility into your Field Operations

The main benefit of a FSM system is the ability to have real time visibility into the activities and locations of your field staff and equipment. This allows rapid flexibility in reacting to the dynamic environment that service companies encounter every day. You will be able to:

  • Send dispatches and schedules directly to your workforce’s mobile devices.
  • Capture field operational data that you never had before and create meaningful and useful reports.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Once you have real time visibility into your workforce and assets, you have the knowledge and data needed to improve efficiencies. You can identify and eliminate bottlenecks and areas of inefficiencies by:

  • Automating Processes.
  • Getting it right the first time and eliminate rework and return trips.

Reduce Costs

After you increase your operational efficiency, your costs will go down in a number of ways.

  • Capturing your billing information in the field and let the system create your invoices and time sheets. No need to re-key any data.
  • Scheduling and dispatching your resources to eliminate extra trips and crew overlap.
  • Reducing your fuel and maintenance costs by running more efficient routes.
  • Reducing overtime costs by ensuring your crews are fully utilized and the workload is spread evenly among your workforce.

More Productive Employees

A FSM will help you keep your employees more productive and fully utilized. You will experience:

  • Improved employee productivity.Reduced wait and down times. A scheduled workforce.

Happier Customers

Customer satisfaction will improve because your workforce will get the job done when promised. Your service will be predictable, allowing your customer to plan their business.

Improve the Bottom Line

Ultimately, field service management software will benefit your bottom line. Your entire field operation will become more efficient and your operating costs will decrease. Your ROI in a FSM will multiply many times over as increased profits for your company. There is no other investment that can improve your overall company operations and profits more than a field service management system.