Reason #2: Field service management software that delivers one solution from one provider.

When I go to meet with industrial field service companies about business software, in most cases, the companies are facing challenges. That’s why they call me. The headaches are as individual as the companies themselves, but certain issues occur over and over.

They’re spending tons of money re-keying field data into their system. They can’t find the information they need when they need it. They have pieces of equipment they can’t locate and staff without the certifications they need to work.

What’s my reaction? I like to say: congratulations.

After all, these are the kinds of problems that come with rapid growth and if you have them, you’re growing. In the competitive industrial field services industry, that’s not easy to do. So, congratulations. Reaching this point of organizational crisis is a stage in the maturation of the business.

Many of VistaVu’s customers, when they were just starting out, used various Excel files or QuickBooks or some simple accounting system to manage the operations of the business. They might have used a different system for payroll or outsourced it.

These companies got by with multiple systems for years and did reasonably well because they only had a small amount of data. They had one person in charge of the data and he or she knew where everything was.

But then, something happened. These companies grew. They could no longer live with multiple systems and multiple lists for customers, prices, and equipment. As they added locations, the one person who knew everything couldn’t anymore.

That’s when these companies called VistaVu. After congratulating them – after all, growth is good – we set out to replace multiple systems with just one. We helped these businesses implement FieldVu, the solution VistaVu developed for industrial field service companies.

Having a single, fully integrated system allows these companies to manage the growth they’ve had, and to grow much more. There’s one version of data and everything talks to everything.

With any software system, people have questions and need support. When you operate five different systems, you don’t want to call five different people to get an answer. You just want it to work.

VistaVu customers running FieldVu know who to call. They call us. In a matter of months, our customers went from having multiple overlapping systems and no one accountable for them to one system and one person to call.

Your company could be getting by with multiple systems, but at some point, you’re going to outgrow that. What do you do then? Beyond getting one single, fully integrated system, make sure you have a partner who can take care of you end to end. That’s VistaVu.

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