Reason #3: We are a trusted partner providing insights that go well beyond field service management software.

We are always ready to help our customers in any way we can as we know industrial field services intimately. We live it every day. In fact, many of the questions we’re asked by customers aren’t about our FieldVu software at all. They’re about operational and business processes.

Over the last 15 years we’ve worked with upwards of 200 industrial field service companies. We understand that every company’s needs are different and we make it our mission to be a long-term partner with each of our clients. We know what works and what doesn’t and our customers know they can count on us to provide business insights whenever they need it.

An example of this is a conversation I had with one of our customers. They wanted to know, what’s the best way to manage proppant inside of inventory? It’s a good question. Proppant, the sand used in fracking, is different than other inventory items like tools. Because we work with four other fracking companies, I was able to give this customer some guidance on managing their proppant.

Another company we’re working with had a different business challenge. This company was created from three different companies. They were growing by leaps and bounds, which is good, but they still had multiple ways of doing some things including quoting. We said that having three quoting systems wasn’t going to work and proposed a solution to handle their quoting process.

At VistaVu we specialize in industrial field services and we know this industry inside and out. We deliver insights and solutions not just in a new way or a better way, but the best way, period.

So, when customers call VistaVu about our FieldVu software, that’s great; that’s why we’re here. But when they call about operational or business processes, that speaks volumes about the extra value we provide beyond software.

Whether it’s our software or your operations, ask away. We’re here to help contact us.