#7: Our field service software helps VistaVu clients eliminate their tactical and strategic gaps, making their operations more rigorous, efficient and profitable.

Ten years ago, I wrote a white paper called The 7 Deadly Sins of Oilfield Service Companies. In it, I identified 7 issues that keep many companies from achieving their potential and showed how the right approach and business software could turn things around. The 7 Deadly Sins of Oilfield Service Companies struck a chord with many people in the industry. To this day, it’s the most requested, clicked-on and downloaded content VistaVu Solutions has ever produced.

Many companies recognized themselves as being guilty of one or more Sins. After 15 years in this business, and having worked closely with hundreds of companies, I can promise you that everyone has issues. No business runs flawlessly all the time. Deadly Sins was a colorful way of referring to issues that companies frequently contend with. I also call these critical gaps. When I meet with industrial field service companies, I’m there because one or more things they’re doing aren’t working. Using SAP Business One or ByDesign and VistaVu’s FieldVu field service management solution, I get them working.

These critical gaps fall into two areas: tactical (everyday operational issues) and strategic (broader challenges that affect the business).

An example of a tactical gap is not being able to get timely, accurate information from the field, in order to invoice the customer quickly. This is a critical gap that causes a lot of stress for companies, but with SAP and FieldVu, it’s readily fixable.

Another common gap is lack of visibility on the location and status of equipment. Solve this, and it fixes the problems associated with asset under utilization.

A big gap for many companies is item mismanagement. When people can’t trust the numbers in front of them, they start keeping track of items unofficially, on paper or on spreadsheets. When companies run SAP and FieldVu, there’s one accurate version of the data. People trust the data to make decisions and those extraneous spreadsheets go away.

On the strategic level, the critical gap I love to talk about is inability to scale. Many companies find it difficult to take what they do, and grow it by serving more customers in more places.

If you want to grow, you need rigor, structure and process. You need a system that will support you if you follow the process.

Some industrial field service companies use Excel for certain functions, QuickBooks for others, or some other smaller ERP package. I believe that nobody helps companies leverage the complete capabilities of a full ERP system the way VistaVu does with SAP and FieldVu.

No company operates flawlessly all the time. Every company has its critical gaps, both tactical and strategic. If you want to eliminate your gaps, and build a foundation you can scale on, see us. That is where VistaVu Solutions will shine.