#8: When it’s time to implement our field service software, VistaVu gets you up and running with a quick time to value, so your business reaps the benefits faster and your Return on Investment arrives early.

In this series, I’ve been making the case that SAP business software, VistaVu’s FieldVu solution, and our experience with industrial field service companies can be game-changers for your business.

Once the decision’s been made to implement a new ERP system, it’s absolutely critical that your people start working with the new system as quickly as possible. Time to value is

After all, you’re paying for it. What I call time-to-value needs to be as short as possible. As a prospective customer of VistaVu who’s looking to get a new, fully integrated system, you don’t want to spend months waiting for your return. You want to get your return now.

When we do an implementation, very often, the customers who work with us on the project are also running the business itself. On top of what could already be a 60-hour work week, these managers are suddenly tasked with putting in a new software system.

For a period of time, a lot of extra effort needs to be put in, to keep the business moving forward while getting the new system going. VistaVu wants to get you from zero to 100 as quickly as possible.

In recent years, VistaVu has worked extensively with Schlumberger to integrate acquired companies. Over a 36-month period, in fact, Schlumberger acquired 14 companies whose systems then needed to be integrated with its own SAP ERP system.

These companies all, in one way or another, service and supply the oil and gas industry.
Whether they were in field services, distribution, manufacturing or rentals, VistaVu’s average time to get them up and live on SAP was 78 days.

These weren’t small operations, either. We’re talking about 14 companies, each doing tens of millions, if not low hundreds of millions of dollars of business, per year. We got these companies up and running, in an average of 78 days.

To do this, we worked closely with Schlumberger to template their required methodology and processes, along with best practices in areas where VistaVu had specific expertise. Many other best practices are also embedded in the software through SAP working with thousands of companies over the past 40 years. We built this template and rolled it out across each company that Schlumberger acquired. Even though these companies used a rainbow of systems, we put them all onto a single, fully integrated system in less than three months on average.

We know that implementing a new system is a daunting task, especially since you still need to run your business while doing so. Because VistaVu has done it many, many times, we have a proven process that work.

Whether you’re Schlumberger, or an independent field service company, we know how to get you live quickly and get you home for dinner.

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